Top 5 reasons you need an Uber Chill Compact Retro office mini fridge

You saw the Uber Chill Retro office mini fridge on your Facebook feed, on Instagram, on YouTube and you saw the reviews on the site and you are still contemplating whether you should get one or not, here are 5 reasons you should buy one today. 

The Community fridge is always nasty

Nasty Community fridge

Ask anybody who has been working an office job for more than week and they will tell you the horror stories of keeping your lunch in the community fridge.  9 times out of 10 there is always one person who leaves there lunch in there for months, before you know it there is mold, bacteria and other weird things crawling out of that lunch box.  As soon as you open the community fridge you are greeted with the smell of corrosion and death, now ask yourself this do you really want to keep your food in there? By lunch time your sandwich is going to smell like utter crap and you will more than likely pitch it and opt for the cafeteria lunch (eww….) If you have your own personal Uber Chill Compact retro office mini fridge you won’t have to deal with that nastiness, your lunch will be at your desk nice clean and cool ready for your consumption.

Coworkers that steal your lunch

Lunch Thief

In addition to the nasty smell of the community fridge there are plenty weird people that just cant wait to steal your lunch, some do it out of hunger others do it just to drive you insane.  Imagine you spent a good 20 minutes putting together a nice salad or sandwich, you go into work put it in the fridge with full faith you got some tasty lunch at lunch time only to have Joe swipe it before you get a chance to eat it. No one is going to have the guts to steal your lunch from your uber chill retro compact mini fridge if it is right there in your cubicle.

  • Save money on buying lunch

You say hey I’m smarter than these guys who use the community fridge, I just buy lunch every day.  Think about this, if you spend $10 everyday on lunch over a whole month you spent at least $200, over a year that’s over $2400, Imagine what you could do with an extra $2400 a year?  That’s like two months of rent or five car payments. Invest $52.99 in an uber chill compact retro mini fridge and a nice tasty homemade lunch every day.

  • Personalizing your cube

On average we spend more time at work than we do at home not including sleep time.  Since you spend so much time at your desk it makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible.  Having an uber chill compact retro mini fridge gives you that convince of having your lunch, drinks and snacks nice and cool right at your disposal.  If you happen to have a visitor you can offer refreshments right there from your personal uber chill mini fridge, how cool is that?

  • Making your own personal coffee station

Almost everyone I know has a cool 1 cup coffee maker at their desk, an uber chill mini fridge is a perfect companion to your personal coffee maker because you can keep your milk, half and half and coffee creamer nice and cool.  The uber chill coffee mini fridge can help you put together the perfect personal coffee station; you can have all your creamer and milk right next to your coffee maker building the ultimate personal coffee station at your disposal.


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