Top 7 Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your life Uber Appliance

Top 7 Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your life

Many people worldwide share a passion for coffee, it’s a way to wake up, it’s a great after dinner drink, it’s a way to get that caffeine boost to keep us going all night. Many dates have been started with a visit to the local coffee shop, we connect over this beautiful and stimulating drink.

The Story of Coffee

Legend has it that coffee was discovered by a goat Shepard named Kaldi in Ethiopia, the goat were roaming grazing on the local greenery when night time came Kaldi noticed that the goats were energized and did not sleep. Kaldi took the berries to the local monastery where the abbot made a drink from the berries. The abbot found that the drink gave him energy to keep going through the long hours of evening prayer. The new discovery was shared with others and soon the words spread to the arabian peninsula. The Arabs being well traveled traders spread the drink throughout Asia and Europe through the silk road

What Makes a great gift?

There are certain people in your life that are hard to shop for, you know who that is, they already got everything making it dang near impossible to buy gifts for. The key to getting a meaningful and nice gift for someone like that is to understand what they are passionate about what do they really enjoy, what their hobbies are, what is something they do or practice every day and brings them a tremendous amount of joy and see if you can get something to complement it.  The best gifts are meaningful showing your appreciation for the person, personal showing that you really know this person well and are looking to improve their lives and finally functional items that they can use to make their hobby that much more enjoyable!  

Gifts for the Coffee Lover

If that hard to shop for person is a coffee connoisseur, then you are in luck. You know they are the type of person who can't imagine starting their day without the perfect cup of coffee. They are your go to person when it comes to learning how to craft the perfect cup of coffee. They know the best kinds of coffee out there. They know their coffee beans, which countries produce the best type, what type of soil the beans grow from, the different aromas and flavors out there. They have tried it all, espresso's, Turkish coffee, Latte's, French pressed coffee, drip coffee and many other types of coffee's.

Believe it or not there is a large number of coffee connoisseurs out there and an even bigger market for all types of neat gizmos and gadgets to help them craft the very best cup 'O Joe. We spent a lot of time researching some of the best coffee gifts to make that special person in your life very happy!

Here are our Top 7 Coffee Lover Gifts

1- Premium Coffee Subscription box 

Atlas Coffee Club

Credit Atlas Coffee Club

There are so many varieties of coffee it will blow you away, each country having different types of soils and weather affect the type and flavor of the coffee. We recommend trying out Atlas Coffee Club, since they have a team of people who spend all day researching the very best coffee's from around the world and curate a box every month with a new type of coffee from a different country. This is such a fun and delicious gift that we are secretly hoping someone gets that for us on our birthday! what an awesome idea to switch up the kinds of coffee every month and give us a chance to try a type that we normally would not go for? who knows they might discover something that they absolutely fall in love with!

2- Milk Frother and Milk Warmer

Milk Frother Warmer

Credit Flickr

A milk frother and milk warmer are must have's for any coffee lover, what's a cappuccino without that delicious steaming hot milk froth on top? we don't know but its no cappuccino as far as we are concerned. A milk warmer will bring the milk temperature up to match the coffee so that it doesn't cool off too quickly and the frother adds that perfect foam finish on top, making Instagram worthy coffee pictures.

3- Coffee Station Creamer Mini Fridge

Uber Appliance Uber Chill Coffee Creamer Mini Fridge

Credit Bower Power

A coffee station creamer mini fridge is an essential item for keeping your milk fresh and conveniently stored next to your coffee maker or at the desk. We love a dash of cold vanilla creamer in our coffee, it helps cool it down some because we don't like our coffee too hot and ads delicious vanilla flavor. Having our Uber Chill Coffee Creamer Mini Fridge right at our desk is a blessing, we can be sure that no one in the office is stealing our precious creamer or putting their dirty hands on it and spoiling it. It might sound a bit extra but we can't imagine our lives without it now that we have it, its so cute and convenient!

4- Electric Kettle

Uber Electric Kettle



For the French press, Drip coffee and instant coffee lover, a high quality electric kettle is a great gift. The Uber Electric Kettle is really nice, we really love the clear glass, cool blue LED lights, black finish with stainless steel accents. It is super functional and aesthetic at the same time. Its also really great at steeping different types of tea inside with the mesh screen filtering out all the tea pedals and grounds. With its 1000 Watt and 1.7L capacity it can bring water to boiling temperature in less than 5 min.

5- Personalized Coffee Tumbler

 Personalized Coffee Tumbler

Credit Etsy

Who doesn't like to hear their own name? That’s why we highly recommend a personalized coffee tumbler as a gift. It’s a relatively low cost gift with a great personal touch when personalized with the person's name.  It super functional allowing that person to take their perfect cup of java on the go anywhere. Etsy has many sellers selling high quality personalized coffee tumblers.

6- Keurig K-Cup Holder

Keurig K-Cup Holder


Perfect addition to any kitchen counter top is the Keurig K-cup holder, there are so many K-cup options out there and having a holder with a large variety of K-cups is convenient and looks great. Even better a fully stocked K-Cup holder given as a gift will let the person receiving it think of you every time they brew a cup!

7- French Press

 French Press Coffee


The Beauty of the French press is it allows the coffee beans to fully steep in the water releasing oils and flavors into the coffee that make it bolder and full of flavor. French Presses are simple, elegant and they make awesome caffeine full coffee. Amazon has a large variety, we prefer the glass ones as you can see the coffee steeping action, it so satisfying to watch and make coffee with! 

Did you like this gift guide? please share with anyone you think could use this info, if you didn't like it please let us know! Are you a coffee Connoisseur? Would you like these gifts if you received them? what are your favorite must have can't live without coffee accessories? We love to hear from you please let us know in the comments below!



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