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    Air fryers have taken the world by storm in recent years and have quickly become must-have kitchen appliances. People have fallen in love with these devices, especially those looking to improve their health without changing their diet too drastically. Choosing the best air fryer for you largely depends on what you need.

    Market experts attribute the air fryer's explosive popularity to:

    • Increased levels of dietary health awareness
    • Growing public knowledge of the harmful effects of oil frying
    • Widespread desire to reduce fat intake

    Uber Appliance's air fryers are perfect for fulfilling all these needs and more. The high-powered Air Fryer XL (5 QT) and the 3.7-QT Air Fryer (with a digital programmable touch screen!) will ease your cooking experience while supporting your physical and dietary health goals.

    What do these advantages mean for you? Below are a few of the key benefits you'll experience when choosing to use an Uber Appliance XL or small air fryer vs. oil.


    One of the main reasons why so many people gravitate to an electric air fryer is because of the health advantages, mainly the potential reduction in calorie and fat intake. When foods are fried in oil, their structural composition is changed. The most significant changes include the loss of water and absorption of fat. Researchers have found that these changes are attributed to increased health hazards, like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, when you choose to cook with an air fryer, you're dramatically reducing the amount of fat you're consuming since you don't have to use as much oil. At the same time, air fryingreduces overall calorie intakeby 70-80%, according to dietitian Ariana Cucuzza, RD. 

    Many people have stressed that using an air fryer is not "truly" frying. Instead, it's more akin to baking or using a convection oven. This is partially true. An electric air fryer does work by heating the food similar to an oven.

    The difference is that an air fryer works much quicker and is better at emulating fried foods' crispiness. This is due to its primary mechanism: Rapidly circulating the heat around the food in a much more compact space instead of gradually heating a large container over an hour or more.

    Because of this, air fryers ensure that your food undergoes the "Maillard reaction" much more quickly. (The Maillard reaction is the chemical process responsible for the mouthwatering flavor and yummy scents of food cooked at high temperatures.)

    When weighing the pros and cons of air fryers, people often wonder if they're worth the money. The answer is yes — air fryers are well worth the purchase!

    In addition to the advantages discussed above, having an air fryer will dramatically enhance your safety in the kitchen. Cooking with hot oil is risky, even apart from health considerations. When you oil-fry food, there is always a risk of splashing or spilling, leading to excruciating burns.

    Air fryers require only a fraction of the oil that traditional methods require, so your chances of injury are significantly lessened.

    Additionally, using an Uber Appliance air fryer will lower the chances of dangerous compounds like acrylamide developing in your food. This compound usually forms during high-heat cooking methods, especially deep frying. It's connected to several cancers, including those affecting the pancreas and kidney.

    In summary, switching to an Uber Appliance air fryer can improve your health and well-being on multiple levels, so it's very much worth the buy.

    Kick the oil with Uber Appliance Air Fryers

    Air fryers are your ticket to better health without flipping your diet upside down.

    Home cooks aren't the only ones making the transition from traditional oil frying in a pan to air fryers. Even hospitality professionals are welcoming the new appliance into their facilities.

    By merely upgrading your kitchen appliances and welcoming the best air fryers from Uber Appliance into your home, you can work toward improving your health and wellness like never before. Check out our air fryers on sale to see which will best suit your home and family.

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