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    Are you looking for a mini fridge solution that will fit on your desktop? Look no further! Uber Appliance’s line of Uber Chill mini refrigerator products can fit up to 12 soda cans, keeping a chill refreshment easily accessible at all times! There’s nothing worse than a warm drink when you’re thirsty; with a small refrigerator from Uber Appliance, you can have an ice-cold beverage ready for consumption, all at arms reach and without taking up a lot of space. Save time, energy, and stop the multiple trips to the kitchen throughout the day with our premium mini fridges at Uber Appliance!

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    Mini Fridges Have gained popularity in homes over the last couple of years due to their compact size, versatility and portability when compared to full size refrigerators. Mini Fridges allow you to keep your favorite drinks and food nice and cold and within arms reach anywhere in the house.

    People have minifridges at their home office, in their den, man cave or even in the garage. Many college students love the efficiency, and compact size of a mini fridge in a college dorm room.

    Whether you’re moving into a college dorm room, want to store snacks in your den or man cave, or just looking for a bit of extra food storage, then a good minifridge could be the perfect option for you.

    You should consider the following before you commit to buying a specific mini-fridge:

    • How much space do you have?
    • What sort of food do you want to keep inside?
    • Do you also need a freezer?
    • Do you want extra features aside from food storage?

    Also, there are a few important factors that will impact how compact mini-fridges perform:

    • Size and Capacity - How much mini-refrigerators can store will impact what kind of food and how much you can fit inside.
    • Portability – While most mini-fridges are compact in size relative to full size fridges not all of them are portable. Compressor based mini fridges are too heavy to be easily moved around. Thermo electric mini-refrigerators are light weight and some can be powered with a 12v car plug so that you can take them with you on the go for camping trips, road trips, in an RV, boat or for on the road truckers.
    • Cooling System - Mini refrigerators use one of two distinct cooling systems: compressor-powered or thermoelectric. Compressor mini fridges can be more powerful but generally are much more bulky and not very environmentally friendly, by contrast thermoelectric fridges are light weight, portable, more energy efficient and do not use Freon gas that is harmful to the environment.
    • Energy Consumption - While minifridges consume less energy than their full-size counterparts, depending on the cooling system they still use a fair amount. Compressor based mini fridges consume a similar amount of electricity as a full size refrigerator, while thermoelectric fridges can use as little as 60 watts (about the same power for a standard light bulb). Always look at the number of volts watts compact mini-refrigerators might use and calculate how much your electric company will charge you.
    • Extra Features - Many minifridges have similar features like removable shelves and door bins. However, some might have additional features like a soft drink drawer, mini freezer, locking doors, or very large door units, among others.


    You have questions about mini fridges? Well, we have answers. Read below to learn important information to help you make an informed purchase

    Mini-fridges are a super convenient way to store food, beverages, snacks and even cosmetics (as a beauty fridge) closer to where the action is. You can keep food and drinks nearby, saving you a trip to the kitchen. The portability of thermoelectric mini fridges makes them perfect for camping, long road trips, in an RV or boat. For the makeup lover in your life a beauty mini fridge can take their cosmetics routine to the next level. Mini Fridges are great for disabled individuals allowing them more flexibility to store food in a accessible manner without requiring additional help. For individuals living in small apartments or college students, having a mini fridge can help them maximize space.

    One of the best things about mini-fridges is that you can keep them almost anywhere you want! At home, at the office, in a car or truck, or even for a college dorm. Need a bedroom mini fridge? Since mini-fridges are compact yet roomy, you can store them in a space that would otherwise be wasted, like under a desk or on top of drawers. We have models that work great for dorm rooms and entertainment spaces.

    Compact mini-fridges are generally much less expensive than standard refrigerators. While the prices vary from brand to brand, you can get an Uber Appliance thermoelectric mini-fridge for as little as $80. Mini-refrigerators typically get more expensive the larger they are, but you benefit from additional storage space and extra features.

    Mini-fridges are generally able to store any kind of food or drink that you’d like. However, some may be tailored for a specific purpose, like milk, cosmetics or even medication. A good rule of thumb is that, if it fits, you can keep it in your mini-fridge!

    The answer to this depends on what type of mini fridge you’re looking at. Some mini-refrigerators don’t have a freezer unit, meaning the entire storage area is kept at a uniform temperature. You can change that temperature to better fit your needs, but you won’t be able to store separate items at different temperatures.

    However, many compressor based mini-fridges have freezers that you can keep below freezing, while the rest of the storage space is kept cold but not frigid.

    Mini-fridges are extremely low maintenance, especially when compared to other common household appliances like a refrigerator or a washing machine. Clean the inside regularly to keep it looking fresh, and refer to the manual if there are ever any issues in keeping cool or noise. However, these are usually an easy fix, so don’t worry too much about maintaining your new mini-fridge for the first few years.

    Keep your drinks and snacks cool

    With Uber Appliance Mini Fridges

    Now that all of your mini fridge-related questions have been answered, now you can start searching for the best product for your needs. We have a wide range of mini fridges for sale, each with unique qualities to complement whatever space you’re shopping for. No matter what your requirements, there’s a perfect minifridge by Uber Appliances that is just a click away!

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