Every man deserves a space that they call their own in their castle, after a long day of work, spending time with the kids and taking care of the family men just want a place to un-wind and enjoy some quality time with the bro's. Here is Uber Appliance's top 5 must have's for any man cave.


1- Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge

After a long day, you are ready to chill, kick back watch the game or play your xbox/playstation on the big screen TV and ahhhhh crack a cold one. The Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge is the perfect couch companion, the perfect sized mini fridge that you can put on next to your lazy-boy or couch filled to the brink with your favorite beers, ciders, sodas, energy drink or whatever you're heart desires. The Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge has the capacity to hold 6 bottles or 12 cans of your favorite beverage, you can even mix it up and have drinks and food in there in-case you get the munchies.

2- Uber Appliance Uber Air Fryer 4Qt

Speaking of Munchies, who wants to leave their man cave, go upstairs to make food and bring it back, The Uber Air Fryer 4 Quart capacity solves that problem. Having your own Uber Air Fryer in your man sanctuary, thats right the sanctuary gentlemen eliminates the need to ever leave it.  The Uber Air Fryer will cook a variety of easy to cook Yummy foods with no oil and minimal cleaning. You can stock your Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge with Wings, fries, onion rings, or even frozen potato skins ready for game day. pop them in the Uber Air Fryer, with more than enough capacity to cook multiple items at a time, for 10-15min and bam bar food in your man cave on demand guys!

3- Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp

Having the right decor can make or break your personal space and it is no different with your man cave. A gentleman needs a quirky fun looking lamp for the right lighting and modern design look, for that look no further than the Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp, perfect for any coffee table or reading area.

4-Foosball Table

Beer and foosball tables go hand in hand especially if you have a group of friends over, get intense add a little fun rivalry among the guys and let the best man win bragging rights for the night with a nice foosball table

5- Gingko Brick Click Clock

Keep track of when the game is about to come on with a modern stylish looking Gingko Brick Click Clock, comes in cool classy finishes such as brushed aluminum, Marble, and Matte Black with white LED lights for the time.

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