Best Car, RV, or Camping Portable Mini Fridge the Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL

If you are looking for the best Car, Truck, RV or Camping Mini Fridge then look no further than the Uber Chill XL portable Mini Fridge/Warmer brought to you by Uber Appliance.  The Uber Chill XL Portable Mini Fridge is the perfect travel buddy fridge, it is the perfect size to keep a large quantity of drinks and foods cool or warm based on your needs. The Uber Chill XL Mini fridge comes standard with a 12v cigarette lighter plug so that it can be used on the go for long road trips, traveling sales persons, truckers, RV enthusiasts and campers.

The Uber Chill XL can fit up to 12 cans or 6 bottles of your favorite beverages, at a 9 liter capacity there is enough room for soda cans as well as sandwiches, snacks and other lunch items.  This fridge also makes a great addition to any tailgater's arsenal, keep your beer actively cooled with the high intensity thermo electric mini fridge.


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