5 Brew-iti-full Coffee Station Decor Ideas Uber Appliance

5 Brew-iti-full Coffee Station Decor Ideas

But First Coffee, yep thats our motto here at Uber Appliance. We can't imagine starting our day with out a steaming hot flavorful cup of coffee, the smell alone inspires us to get the day started off right.

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Something about the aroma of coffee that puts us into high gear, ready to take on the day and its challenges. Whether you work an office 9-5, work on a factory floor, in retail or have your own home office, coffee is the preferred drink for many Americans for a good reason! Studies show that coffee has many health benefits:

According to a study by the American Heart Association and the University of Colorado School of medicine Coffee reduces the risk of heart related issues by 8%

Stanford University conducted a study on 100 individuals and tracked them through the years and found those individuals that drank coffee were more likely to live longer due to the anti-oxidant characteristics of coffee that reduced the inflammatory effects of aging. 

Here are 5 Decor ideas to take your Coffee station game to the next level!

1- Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig coffee maker coffee station

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We are big fans of Keurig coffee makers, the large variety of coffee and tea options offered, the single serve set up to avoid wasting good coffee, the intuitiveness of use and mess free operation just set it it apart from traditional coffee makers. Every Coffee station needs a Keurig Coffee machine with loads of variety coffee pods.

2- Cool quirky mugs

Gun Coffee Mug Coffee Station ideas

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having a variety of cool quirky mugs takes your coffee drinking experience to the next level, I mean lets be real who doesn't want to drink coffee out of a Darth Vader Mug? or a Nasa Mug? or even cooler a 9mm gun shaped mug? just so many options we can't start, Etsy is a great place to shop for quirky cool mugs.

3- Uber Chill Coffee Station Mini Fridge

Uber Chill Coffee Station Mini Fridge

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No Coffee station is complete without ice cold creamer? why settle for any creamer too there are so many varieties and flavors out there it will make your head spin. We are fans of French Vanilla or Hazelnut, just the right amount of sweetness to breast he bitterness of black coffee. An Uber Chill Coffee Station Mini Fridge is perfect because it can be set up on the counter right next to the coffee maker making it convenient and practical for any coffee station. The Uber Chill Coffee station Mini Fridge comes in two different sizes, 4 liter or 9 liter, we prefer the 9L Uber Chill Coffee station Mini Fridge as it has more room to store larger creamer bottles and even skim milk or half and half.

4- Inspirational Signs

Coffee Station Sign

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An inspirational coffee station sign is like the cherry on top of an ice cream Sunday, it just sets the station off in a nice way and helps put a smile on your face as you head over to make your morning coffee, again Etsy saves the day here check out some of the coffee station signs available there.

5- Morning Snack Rack

Morning Snack Rack

Credit Forkly.com

A small rack with a selection of breakfast bars, granola bars, or fig bars is a great addition to the coffee station. Who doesn't like a little snack boost at the start of the day with their coffee, we definitely do!!

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