Gift Guide for the Beer Lover in your life

Gift Guide for the Beer Lover in your life

Benjamin Franklin said it best "God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy!", that delicious malty beverage with just the right kick of alcohol that we all love is just awesome! It comes in a variety of types and flavors, from lagers, IPA's, dark beers, pilsner's, ale's and much more with fruity infusions or even chocolaty/coffee twists there is a beer for every pallet out there. When it comes to getting the beer lover in your life a gift what better gift than something that makes their hobby and passion that much more enjoyable? We took the time to research the best gifts that will fit the lifestyle of any beer lover in your life and shared them with you here, because we love you and want you and your friends/family to be happy!

With out further adieu...

1- Uber Chill XL Beer Fridge

Uber Chill XL Beer Fridge with beer inside

The Uber Chill XL Beer fridge is a must have for any beer lover, what an awesome compact yet roomy little mini fridge that can be kept in the living room, bed room, home office, man cave, garage or basement. Perfect while watching the big game, reach for your favorite brew in the living room by the TV rather than walking to the kitchen. In your garage as you are working on your car project on a hot day, sweating looking for a refreshing beverage at arms length, reach in to your Uber XL Beer Fridge and crack a cold one! Keep your favorite beers and liquors ice cold in your man cave with this awesome bar mini fridge. With its awesome retro styling, eco friendly thermo electric cooling, compact yet roomy (up to 12 standard 12oz cans) design its bound to be a hit with your friends and family. The Uber Chill XL comes in a variety of cool colors including Ubertone Red, Navy Blue, Ivory White, Gun Metal Silver or our limited blackout edition Matte Black.

2- Uber Beer Savers

Some times you are drinking a really good beer that you just can't finish and want to savor the flavor for another time but without the cap it goes flat and you got a pitch it. Well we hate wasting good beer and came up with a genius solution to save the fizz in your beer with the cool multi color silicone beer caps. Put a cap on your beer and put it back in your Uber Chill XL beer fridge for consumption later.

3- Uber Air Fryer XL

Uber Appliance Air Fryer 5Qt

Who doesn't like some hot wings with their beer? no one, yea thats what we thought too haha. Get the beer lover in your life an awesome Uber air fryer XL so that they can make their favorite crispy snacks from the convenience of their own home. What can you cook in an air fryer? well it might be better to ask what you can't, there is so many delicious treats you can make in an air fryer, Crispy fries, onion rings, hot wings, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, and so much more. With its compact design and dish washer friendly parts its a breeze to cook quick snacks and cleaning it is a breeze.  Keep the air fryer in the man cave or garage, you can also combine it with the Uber Chill XL Beer fridge and store uncooked fries or wings ready to be cooked at a moments notice.

Overall so many solid options here all under $100 making great gifts for the beer lover in your life. From the Awesome beer fridge, to the cool beer savers or even an air fryer to cook delicious snacks quickly and easily. There is something for everyone. 

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