How much electricity does a mini fridge use?

How much electricity does a mini fridge use?

Mini fridges are awesome little appliances, you can store a few of your favorite beverages and snacks at arms reach like at your desk by your computer in your cubicle because lets face it no one really wants to use the office community fridge. There are so many other uses for a mini fridge especially one thats portable like the Uber Chill Mini Fridge, you can use it in the car, truck, or RV with its 12v car plug, as a man cave fridge, in the garage, in the basement, bed side in your bedroom, in a college dorm, in the kitchen as a wine fridge, outside by the pool stocked with ice cold brewskis or even in a nursery for storing breast milk and baby formula. Really the uses are unlimited.

The big question on most people's mind is how much electricity will a mini fridge use? will it cost me an arm and leg to keep it running all the time? well we have a pleasant surprise for you, we'll explain more later on in this article.

Watts, Volts, Amps what does it all mean?

It can be a little confusing and intimidating when you read the specs on a mini fridge so many electrical terms what do they actually mean. We will do our best to explain them in a simple manner.


watts are basically a unit of power its the drive behind the fan and cooling system this power comes from the multiplication of Amps and Volts. the cooling system uses a certain number of Amps to overcome the friction in the system to turn the fan and start the cooling process. The voltage is the available energy when multiplied with the Amps is the total amount of power used to run the fridge. Now this power is consumed over a unit of time such as hours, resulting in Watt-hours and to convert to Kilowatt hours you divide the Watt-hours by 1000

How Many Watts does a Mini Fridge use?

Depending on the cooling system a mini fridge can use any where from 50-60 Watts up to a couple hundred or even a thousand Watts (a Kilo Watt). Mini Fridges can be compressor cooled or thermo electrically cooled. Compressor fridges are more traditional fridges using a full blown compressor using refrigerant such as r134 that pumps through the system to exchange heat and cool the contents of the fridge. this compressor system requires a lot of energy to keep running. By comparison a thermo electric mini fridge just keeps one side of a Peltier chip cool it uses the concept of duality to keep one side of the chip cool and the other side hot the temperature difference keeps the system functioning in an efficient and eco friendly manner. The Uber Chill Mini Fridge uses the eco friendly thermoelectric cooling and only consumes 50-60 Watts, similar to a standard light bulb.

Can a Mini Fridge help you save on your electric bill?

Absolutely, a small mini fridge only has to cool down the contents of a limited space compared to a full-size fridge. So in applications like a garage or a basement the better option is a Thermo electric mini fridge like a 4 Liter or 9 Liter Uber Appliance Mini Fridge compared to a 1 cubic foot non portable compressor fridge that can use upwards of 1000 Watts. A mini Fridge is something that you would use occasionally just to keep a few beverages and snacks and it should not cost you a bunch of money in wasted electricity, at 60 Watts with a thermo electric fridge it will not impact your electric bill in a negative manner, a 100 watt lightbulb will use almost double the electricity that a thermo electric fridge will use and with up to 9 Liter capacity should be plenty of room to keep up to 12 standard size 12oz cans of your favorite beverage nice cold and within reach.

How much will a mini fridge cost me in electricity annually?

We found a nifty little energy consumption calculator and my oh my what a difference in annual costs is a Thermo electric Uber Chill Mini Fridge using 60 Watts compared to a 1 cubic foot Mini Fridge using 1000 Watts

The pictures tell a 1000 word story, you can save up to $990 annual using an Uber Chill 9 Liter Thermo Electric 60 Watts Fridge compared to a Standard 1 cubic foot Compressor fridge using 1000 Watts, thats almost a thousand dollars! think about all the awesome things you can do with a thousand dollars? go on vacation? a shopping spree? the choice is yours


If you are looking for an energy efficient Mini Fridge that will save you tons of money every year, look no further than the Uber Appliance Line of Thermo Electric Mini Fridges coming in 4 Liter and 9 Liter Capacities. Uber Chill Fridges are compact yet roomy, perfectly portable with their built in handles and DC 12 volt car plugs.

They are Retro modern chic and come in a variety of cool and fun colors such as Ubertone Red, Ivory White, Navy Blue, Gun Metal Silver, and Matte Black. Perfect for almost any use, loved by our friends, fans and customers and are backed up with the best Uber Appliance Warranty a standard 1 year warranty with an available extended Warranty up to 2 years. Buy with Confidence and if you have any questions our helpful Customer Service Rep Jennifer is here to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you have just shoot her an email at

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