The Best Mini fridges for storing breast milk at the office

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The Best Mini fridges for storing breast milk at the office

The Best Mini fridges for storing breast milk at the office

Numerous studies have proven that the best nutrition for your baby is a mother’s natural breast milk.  A mother’s milk contains all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs to grow healthy and happy.  The first six months are the most crucial for a baby, natural breast milk contains disease fighting anti-bodies that protect your baby and strengthen her/his ability to grow.  Not only is natural breast milk good for the baby it’s also good for a moms health to pump and feed her baby, it helps create a stronger bond between the baby and her mom.

The challenge for working mothers everywhere is how she can store her milk so that it is fresh and good for her baby.  Uber Appliance has you covered with a variety of work friendly, compact and whisper quite fridges.

#1 Top Pick: The Original Uber Chill Retro style mini fridge:

Our top pick is our Original Uber Chill Retro Style mini fridge.  The Uber Appliance Uber Chill Retro Style mini fridge is a sleek styled mini fridge that utilizes a state of the art thermo-electric cooling system that is super cold and whisper quite.  The Uber Chill original Mini Fridge comes in two fabulous colors, the Original Ubertone Red and the modern sleek Gun Metal Matte Silver color.  Both fridges have a very low power draw at only 60watt, about the same as a single light bulb. The Fridge has a compact exterior making it perfect for a work desk without compromising on capacity. The compact sized but spacious mini fridge has the capacity of about 6 standard 355ml cans.  The Fridge is equipped with a state of the art thermos electric cooling system with a 90mm high air flow with long life bearings, the fan is barely audible over ambient noise.


#2 Top Pick: The Uber Kuhl mini fridge:

Our latest and greatest mini fridge is the Uber Fun, Uber Kuhl mini fridge.  The Uber Kuhl is the little sister of the Original Uber Chill Retro Style mini fridge. Our engineers worked long and hard to create a true master piece.  The Uber Kuhl comes in three fun colors, Kuhl Pink, Kuhl Pearl white, and Kuhl Baby Blue, with a white exterior for a lower coefficient of heat to keep the fridge cool on hot summer days.  The Uber Kuhl utilizes a similar state of the art thermo-electric cooling system, keeping your baby’s food cool and fresh at all times.  Similar to the Uber Chill the Uber Kuhl is compact yet spacious and has the same capacity of 6 standard 355ml cans. It is super cute and super quite, making it perfect for an office desk, a dorm or even for your baby’s room. This is the best value for your money right here!


#3 Top Pick: The Uber XL Mini Fridge:

The Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL mini fridge is big brother to both of the Uber Chill and Uber Kuhl, its really for those who have the need for a larger capacity fridge but don’t quite need a full blown 1.3Cu Ft mini fridge.  In our opinion it’s the perfect size.  The Uber Chill XL can fit up to 12 standard 355ml cans, yet is still compact in size on the exterior. The Uber XL uses a 120mm High Flow low decibel fan to keep the thermos electric system functioning at peak capacity while maintaining the ultra-quite noise level of the Uber Chill and Uber Kuhl. Much Like the little brother, the Uber Chill XL comes in Ubertone Red and Gun Metal Matte Silver.  Given its larger size it is a bit more expensive but is worth every penny.

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