People want a mini fridge for their office desk for a variety of reasons.  It’s a really nice addition to your desks whether you are an office worker, work from home or are a sales person that meets clients at their desk. Having a compact mini fridge that’s spacious, quiet and cool, allows you to keep your lunch, candy bars, drinks at arm’s reach whenever you get a little hungry.

Some people like to keep their ice coffee supplies or premixed iced coffee drinks in a mini fridge at their desk making their own little desk coffee station, how neat! Besides the practical uses, a mini fridge on your office desk is a great conversation piece, coworkers, clients and friends will ask you about it because its soo cool looking and unique.  Some people also love to express themselves by decorating their mini fridge with all kinds of awesome stickers, making your desk stand out and look great. 

We know that some of you might have some questions so before jumping into the reasons you need a mini fridge for an office desk or our #1 recommended mini fridge pick.  

we have the answers to the most popular questions people ask before looking into a mini fridge for your office:

 1- Are Personal Mini Fridges allowed in my office

Always be sure to check with your office Admin on the rules regarding bringing in a mini fridge for your office desk, some work places allow certain sizes such as 1 Cubic foot or less (the Uber Chill classic is 0.16 cubic foot, and the Uber Chill XL is 0.31 Cubic foot) or amperage maximums (the Uber Chill Classic and XL use 60 watts or 5 Amps of power), while other office’s do not allow any appliances to be brought in to work.

 2- How much power does a desk Mini fridge consume

As mentioned before both the Uber Chill Classic and the Uber Chill XL mini fridge’s use roughly 60 watts of power or 5 Amps. Check with your employer to make sure this type of appliance and power draw are approved for office use.

 3- What are Uber Appliance’s Uber Chill Office Mini Fridge power requirements

We recommend using GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit interrupter) approved and inspected power outlet along with a power surge power strip for use with the Uber Chill Mini Fridges. We do not recommend leaving your Uber Chill office desk mini fridge running while not in use.

4- How loud is the Uber Chill Mini Fridge for office desk?

The Uber Chill Classic and XL mini fridge’s thermoelectric cooling and heating system is no louder than a standard desktop computer fan, they have a very low hum that is barely detectable especially in an office setting. Rest assured the Uber Chill Mini Fridge will not disrupt your co-workers while they go about their day.

5- How much space will a office desk mini fridge take up?

The Uber Chill Classic and XL Mini Fridge do not take up too much space on your desk, the Uber Chill Classic is more compact that the Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge. Here is the dimensions of both:

Uber Chill Classic –

Outside: 11" x 7-1/4" x 10"

Inside: 8-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 5-1/4" (HxWxD)

Uber Chill XL –

Outside: 12" x 9" x 11"

Inside: 8-1/2" x 6" x 9-1/2" (HxWxD)


With those questions answered and out of the way, without further Adue.

Here’s 5 reasons you will want a mini fridge for your office desk today:

 1- What can you put in a mini fridge for an office desk?

It’s around 11am and you can hear your stomach growling, your quickly running out of juice to keep pushing, oh my wouldn’t it be nice to take a little break and get some fuel to keep pumping out great work? Have no fear the Uber Chill is here to save the day.

 With the Uber chill mini fridge for office desks you can have your home prepped delicious lunch nice and chilled for you ready to go, or perhaps you are craving a sweet pick me up, yup she’s got you covered with an variety of snacks, yougurt or candy bars right at your finger tips.  Finally let’s not forget a nice cold water, soda or iced coffee that you can keep in your office desk fridge to wash everything down.

With the Uber Chill Office Desk Mini Fridge you can even set it to heating mode to keep your soups, chili and other hot foods nice and toasty with its actively heated or cooled thermoelectric element.

If you pick the Uber Chill Classic 4 Liter, you can fit up to six standard 12oz cans of soda or four 12 oz bottles of water.  You can keep maybe two 12oz cans of soda and add a lunchable, a yogurt or really any combination you like, with its included removable shelf you can maximize the storage to fit your needs.

With the Uber Chill XL 9 Liter Mini Fridge, you can fit up to twelve standard 12oz cans of soda, with this larger model you can fit quite a bit, sandwiches, yogurts, candy bars, small containers of creamer and milk and so much more. We like this one a lot because of its cool retro styling and see through window letting you see what’s inside without opening the fridge door.

2- Personal Desk Top Mini Fridges are much more sanitary than the break room fridge

With all the pandemic fears out there, it’s nice to know that your personal fridge has only been touched by you.  You never know the hygiene habits of your coworkers (nor do we really want to know) and whether or not they wash their hands before using the break room fridge. No need to worry about Joe who leaves his 3 week old lunch molding up in the fridge while you keep your lunch next to his.  The peace of mind of knowing your fridge is clean and only used by you alone is worth it.

3- Create a Coffee station with your office Desk Mini Fridge

Whether you are a hot coffee or cold coffee aficionado, having a desk top coffee station is really nice for any coffee lover.  Keep your creamer, milk and even bottles of premixed ice brew coffee right at your desk so you can enjoy a cup of java anytime you like. I personally like to keep a few starbucks iced coffee’s or dunkin donuts iced coffee bottles in mine. If you bring a thermos of hot coffee from home to work every day you will love your Uber Chill office desk mini fridge with its heat mode that can keep your coffee actively piping hot all day.

We recommend the Uber Chill XL 9 Liter if you plan on using your mini fridge as a office desk coffee station, it is compact yet roomy and allows you to fit small bottles of creamer, milk and coffee pretty comfortably, plus I’ve found I can easily fit up to 6 bottles of starbucks iced coffee there with no issues.

4- Save money and time with an office desk mini fridge

Bringing your own home made lunches and snacks and keeping them cool at arms length is great because not only can you make fantastic lunches the way you like them with ingredients that are healthy and delicious, you can save money by not having to eat at your work’s cafeteria. One can easily save $10 a day by bringing in their own lunch, snacks and beverages rather than buying it at the exorbitant cafeteria or vending machine prices. Plus a lot of times you can’t find the exact food or beverage selections that you like, for example I love Bubly sparkling water and can never find it any vending machines, having a few in my Uber Chill Mini Fridge is great and I can enjoy them any time I want.


Besides the money aspect, time is our most valuable resource, I like not needing to walk away from my desk to grab lunch because it allows me to crunch and knock out all my tasks efficiently so that I can leave work on time and enjoy my time off with friends and family. So there’s always the time saving aspect of having an office mini fridge.

5- Share a beverage with clients out of your office desk mini fridge

The Uber Chill mini fridge whether in the 4 Liter size or 9 Liter size is a must have for anyone in sales that meets clients at their desk. Being able to offer perspective clients a cold beverage or a snack is a great way to build rapport and break the ice.  There’s something about enjoying food or drinks with another person that allows us as humans to build trust and respect, that small gesture could mean the difference between a good working relationship and a closed sale or someone feeling uneasy and getting cold feet when it comes time to close the deal. 

With its 12v car plug the Uber Chill Mini fridge is even great for on the road sales people or real estate agents that drive perspective home buyers from house to house, if you show up to a showing early you can sit and enjoy a cold beverage together especially on a hot summer day.


Which is The Best Mini Fridge For office Desks?

The Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL 9 Liter Mini Fridge for office Desks


At Uber Appliance we offer the market’s best mini fridges for office desks on the market.  Our Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL is our recommendation as the best mini fridge for office desks. it is the most versatile in the bunch, it is compact yet roomy with its 9 liter capacity and removable shelf to maximize capacity. The Uber Chill XL comes in a nice retro style, has a see through window and it comes in pretty nice and fun colors such as Ubertone Red, Ivory White, Navy Blue, Gun metal gray or matte black. We love the functionality of having a cool and heat switch allowing us to switch between keeping the contents cold or hot.

Last but not least, the included 12v plug makes it a breeze to take in the car, truck or RV on the go, its great for camping, long road trips, on the road sales people and even over the road truckers.

Besides it’s desk, and outdoors uses, it can be used at home, in the bedroom, in the garage, as a man cave fridge for brewski’s, at a college dorm, at the bathroom vanity as a beauty fridge and so much more, the uses are endless.

With our fantastic pricing, 30 day no hassle return policy, 1 year standard warranty, always available real human customer service to answer your questions and concerns, and the fantastic reviews, It’s a great mini fridge that many of our customers love and enjoy, you will not regret this buy that’s for sure. 


Check out our Uber Chill retro mini fridge for your desk. We did all the hard work for you so you don't have to. Our redesigned retro office desk refrigerator is ready-to-use right out of the box!


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