Compact Fridge

If you're looking for a convenient way to store beverages safely or keep small food items close at hand near your desk, bedside table, dorm room or other small space, look no further than the Uber Chill Compact Refrigerator. At Uber Appliance, we strive to offer convenient appliances for all occasions. Our compact fridges are the ultimate in convenience and are made with innovative compact mini-fridge technology, providing ample room on the inside without taking up too much space. You'll always have a refreshing beverage nearby when you need it. The Uber Chill retro compact refrigerator line also features heating options so you can keep food or a hot cup of coffee warm and ready. Utilizing state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly thermo-electric Peltier technology, Uber Chill Compact Refrigerators are the best compact refrigerators on the market. Stop taking multiple trips to the kitchen throughout the day — save time and energy with a compact fridge from Uber Appliance.

A Compact Fridge Makes Life Convenient

It can be challenging to manage the space in your main refrigerator, especially after a trip to the grocery store. When your fridge leaves you no room to store beverages and smaller food items properly, turn to a compact refrigerator from Uber Appliance. Our Uber Chill line of compact mini-fridges offers premium convenience and opens new possibilities for your home. Having a compact refrigerator relieves the duties of your main fridge while also giving living, dining and bedrooms new life. Keeping fresh beverages at hand no matter where you are eliminates those bothersome trips to the kitchen when enjoying a meal, watching T.V. or entertaining guests.
Our Uber Chill retro compact refrigerators aren't just great for the home – you can bring them with you anywhere you'd like to enjoy an on-the-fly beverage or meal. A compact fridge is perfect for small space areas such as dorm rooms or office cubicles.

Uber Chill Compact Mini-Fridges Come Packed with Features

The Uber Chill line of compact fridges aren't your standard refrigerators. We made sure to pack them full of unique features to make Uber Chill the best compact refrigerator on the market. When you purchase an Uber Chill compact fridge, you're getting capabilities such as:

  • Heating and Cooling Technology: Uber Chill compact fridges can adequately heat or cool whatever you store inside. Whether you're looking to keep some cold beverages on hand for guests in your home or keeping a meal fresh and hot for your lunch break at the office, we have you covered.
  • True Portability: Each of our compact refrigerators comes standard with home and car power cables. As possibly the smallest compact refrigerator anywhere, you can bring your Uber Chill with you to the office or college and comfortably keep food and beverages cold for the longest of road trips.
  • Retro or Modern Styles: Our Uber Chill line comes in both modern and retro stylings to ensure it fits with your look. View our Uber Chill XL for a modern-looking option, or our Uber Chill Retro Compact Refrigerator to bring your look back to the 60s and 70s.
  • Eco-Friendly Power Management: Uber Chill uses eco-friendly thermo-electric Peltier technology to warm or cool your contents to optimal temperatures without breaking the bank in power costs.

How Much Can I Store in the Uber Chill Compact Fridge?

While the Uber Chill compact refrigerator is our smallest compact refrigerator to date, it still has the perfect amount of space to comfortably store your food and beverages for when you need them. The outside dimensions come to 11 inches in height, 7-¼ inches in width, and 10 inches of depth. With a compact refrigerator this small, you can easily keep it on hand under small counters, nightstand shelves or on your office desk. Even at such a small size, we've designed the inside to accommodate the perfect amount of storage. You can store up to six 12-ounce cans of soda or beer perfectly without any struggle or fit up to four 500-milliliter bottles of your favorite beverage. The removable shelf in the Uber Chill compact fridge makes it easy to separate items or give yourself some more room for a more oversized standing product. Tupperware containers and microwavable meals can also easily be stored inside with ease.

Purchase A Compact Refrigerator from Uber Appliance Today

Compact refrigerators may be most commonly used for food or beverages, but once you purchase an Uber Chill from Uber Appliance, the possibilities are endless. Store makeup and skincare products next to your beauty station, breast milk in your nursery, beer and liquor in your man cave and more. Shop our full line of Uber Chill Compact Mini-Fridges today to begin your journey into a new level of convenience.


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