The Best Mini Fridge: Top 5 Mini Fridges on the market on the market

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The Best Mini Fridge: Top 5 Mini Fridges on the market on the market

The Best Mini Fridge: Top 5 Mini Fridges on the market on the market

Finding the perfect mini fridge on the market for under $80 can be a hard task.  Everyone has certain criteria that they are looking for in a mini fridge. Some people are looking for a super quite fridge, some are looking for high capacity, some are looking for a compact size. Some are looking for fridges that can function as a cooler and a warmer. With so many options on the market today the search can be overwhelming which is why we decided to look at the options out there and give you our very best mini fridge review taking a look at the top 5 mini fridges on the market today.

1 - The Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL

Of course we know that the very best Compact, quite and roomy mini fridge on the market is our very own Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL.  The Uber Chill XL is awesome due to the fact that it uses a whisper quite state of the art Thermoelectric cooling and heating system.  The Thermoelectric element in the back works completely off of electricity, there is no freon or many moving parts that can fail.  In fact the only moving part is on the fridge is the fan that keeps the thermoelectric system cool and functioning at optimal efficiency. As mentioned previously the Uber Chill XL has the ability to function as a cooler OR as a warmer with the flip of a switch.  You might say well why do I need a fridge that has a warming capability? Well being a portable fridge this is perfect for tailgating where you may want to keep hot dogs, chili, or other food warm on a cold game day. The Uber Chill XL has the capacity to hold up to 12 standard size coke cans (12oz cans) or up to 6 regular beer bottles (500ml glass bottle), a total capacity of 9 Liters.  This fridge is the perfect size in our opinion its really roomy on the inside allowing you to keep everything you need inside without taking up a whole lot of room in your dorm, bedroom, or even car.  Which brings me to my next point, this fridge is fully portable, it comes with a car 12v cigarette lighter plug in to allow you to take it on long road trips. You can store all your favorite beverages nice and cool on long trips, not to mention its perfect for people traveling with medication that needs to stay cold. Did I mention its under $80?


- 9 liter capacity, holds up to 12 cans of coke or 6 bottles of beer down to 32F

- state of the art Thermoelectric system that can cool or warm foods and beverages

- Fully Portable, comes with an extra 12v cigarette lighter plug in for use as a car mini cooler.

- Compact size perfect for a dorm, bedroom, gamer setup, desk, or even office cubicle

- The perfect fridge for under $80 and comes in a cool retro styling in ubertone shiny red or gun metal matte silver.

2 - Midea 1.6 cu ft Compact Refrigerator

Number 2 on our list is the Idea 1.6 cu ft Compact Refrigerator this is a larger mini fridge than what we offer here at Uber Appliance but it is small enough to fit in most dorm's, bedrooms, home offices or work cubicles.  It is utilizes a traditional compressor and freon fluid to cool.  it is definitely not portable but it has lots of capacity if that is what you are looking for.  It has a 1.6 cu ft capacity enough to fit 80 cans of coke, its a lot larger than the above uber chill XL but you pay for the capacity in size and lack of portability. The draw back on this fridge is that it is not under. $80

3 - Uber Appliance Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge is the little brother of the Uber Chill XL. It has a lot of the same features as the Uber Chill XL but it comes in a smaller package.  The capacity of the Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge is 4 Liters which means it can fit up to 6 standard cans of coke.  The Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge is perfect for a home office, or cubicle use. Many people use this personal mini fridge as a dorm fridge (college refrigerator), coffee station mini fridge, nursery mini fridge, camping mini fridge or as a compact redbull mini fridge, the uses are unlimited. It is whisper quite thanks to the thermo electric system and can be easily concealed in a work office setting.  I love using it at work to keep my lunch cool and away from office lunch thieves. The beauty of it is the ability to keep all my snacks and beverages within arms reach in my cubicle so I don't have to constantly leave my desk to get a quick drink. This Fridge also has the ability to cool or warm foods and drinks.  It also comes with the extra 12v cigarette lighter plug so that it can be used as a car mini fridge. It comes in the same two colors of the Uber Chill XL the Ubertone Shiny Red or the Gun Metal Matte Silver.

4- Uber Appliance Uber Kühl Mini Fridge

The Uber Appliance Uber Kühl Mini Fridge is very similar to the Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge. It utilizes the same thermo electric system, comes with the portable plug, has the ability to cool and warm and it has the same capacity 4 Liters.  The beauty of the Uber Kühl comes in its super cute colors, it comes in three different colors, Uber Pink, Uber Pearl White and Baby blue.  This is the perfect fridge for a nursery.  Any nursing mother that is looking for a small quite portable fridge to store breast milk should be looking at this cute little unit.  Highly recommended by all moms check it out.

5 - Koolatron P65 Kargo 12v Portable Cooler

For on the road truckers or long term RV Campers we recommend the 7 Liter Koolatron P65 12v Portable Cooler.  This mini fridge has a lower capacity than that of the Uber Chill XL which can hold up to 9 Liters.  We none the less recommend it due to its configuration, its setup more like a traditional hand held Thermos cooler making it easy to access drinks and food while driving.  This can be setup on the passenger seat in an 18 wheeler truck or a large recreational RV to keep the driver within reach of all his or her favorite beverages and snacks.

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