Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL UB-XL1 Personal mini fridge 12 can 9L Capacity

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Please Note: Due to extreme demand the Blue and White variations will ship out starting June 23rd and The Black and Silver variations will ship starting July 2nd

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  • What are the inside dimensions of the 12 can mini fridge?


    Internal dimensions of this 12 can 9L units is:

    9 x 8 x 10 In (LxWXH)

  • Hello I received this as a gift to keep in my room to store a medicine that needs to be refrigerated. I wanted to know if it is okay to keep plugged in all of the time?

    Yes, you can keep this unit plugged in at all times. Please make sure that you keep 6-12 inches of clear space between the vents on the back and sides from any obstruction for optimum performance.

  • I am a refrigeration technician by trade and I am very curious as to how you are removing heat without any liquid refrigerant? Is there a compressor?

    Hello, thank you for your question. This product uses a Peltier cooling technology to remove heat without using any liquid refrigerants or compressors.

  • I was wondering if this unit produces any condensation while running in the cool mode? also is there any way to set the cooling/heating set points at all?

    Hello, Thanks for your question. This product does produce small amounts of condesnation if the ambient enviornment is humid. We recommend wiping down the inside of the fridge every few days to prevent build of condensation (as build up may cause some leakage from the door if it is not wiped down). 

    Unfortunatly, the user is unable to se the modes to a certain temperature. Since the product utilizes peltier cooling, it will cool about 32 degrees F below the ambient temperature of the enviornment it is placed in. Heating mode is set to about 135 degrees F.

  • Are there XL and an XL1 versions of this item or are they both one and the same? Thank you.


    Yes, the XL and XL1 models are one in the same!


  • Is there any way to get a replacement for the 12V DC cord that originally came with my fridge? I seem to have lost it in a move. It's this model: https://www.uberappliance.com/collections/uber-chill-fridges/products/uber-chil-xl Thank you.

    Hi Susan,

    Please email our Customer Support team at: Contact@knginternational.com so they can support you with this request.


  • Does this product come with a shelf? Or a part to add an shelf?

    Hello, the Uber Chill XL does not come with a shelf. If you are interested in a mini frodge with a shelf, please check out Original Uber Chill!

  • What are the outside dimensions of the Uber Chill XL UB-XL1 Personal mini fridge 12 can 9L Capacity


    the external dimensions of this unit are: 12x12x13 inches (LxWxH).

  • why am i unable to get my 10% discount

    please email us at contact@knginternational.com and we can manually apply your 10% discount for you or provide you with a new code.

  • Uber Chill XL retro mini fridge desktop fridge 12 can capacity 9 liters good for bedroom, dorm room or office.
  • Compact fridge holds up to twelve 12-oz. cans or nine 500-mL. bottles
  • High quality Solid-state thermoelectric cooling system keeps drinks very cold
  • Features a self-locking recessed door handle
  • Plugs into your cigarette lighter or Home outlet (Built in AC/DC transformer) Both cord's included
  • Cools to 32F (20C) degrees below ambient temperature Warms up to 150 degrees F by set-point thermostat 

    The Uber Chill XL mini fridge is great for hard workers who are constantly on the run. This personal fridge is perfect for people who eat at their desk, on the road or who enjoy a cold drink or snack at an arms length at all times. Healthy people who need a healthy perishable snack or meal love this unit. The Uber Chill XL is designed to work best with cans or products wrapped in aluminum materials. For best results with other food, wrap in aluminum foil. The mini fridge works without any liquid refrigerants (which are know to cause harm to the environment), noisy motors or messy condensation. The environmentally friendly Pletier semiconductor system keeps items cold or hot as you choose. The Uber Chill XL fits neatly into a small office space or discreetly in your home or bedroom, or take it on the go. For best results, please be sure to keep a clearance of at least 6 inches between any surfaces and the rear cooling fan. The hinged door with it's locking latch is perfected to keep the unit well sealed and insulated from cold or heat loss. The spacious interior fits up to twelve cans of 12 ounce soda, nine 16.9 ounce bottles or the equivalent volume of other items.