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Love is in the air, we're slowly coming up on the International day for lovers, Valentine’s day. You started planning for this wonderful romantic and love filled day but you are not into cliché meaningless gifts like chocolate and flowers, how does one truly express their love and passion for their significant other in an authentic and genuine way?  Forget Cliche Gifts like Chocolates and Flowers... Love is not about gifts, chocolates, flowers and other materialistic things, it’s about the small moments, it’s about the butterfly's in the stomach, the random I love you's the enjoyment of each other's company and...

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Keto diets are a great way to drop a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. The premises of a Keto diet is to put your body into ketosis and rely on burning fats as a primary source of energy rather than carbs. Our bodies are amazing, when we deprive the body of simple fast digesting carbs through the body's shear will of survival it starts the process of burning accumulated fat in the body to keep you going. Basically you are taking the body back to a time before readily available food, readily available carbs basically...

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