Love is in the air, we're slowly coming up on the International day for lovers, Valentine’s day. You started planning for this wonderful romantic and love filled day but you are not into cliché meaningless gifts like chocolate and flowers, how does one truly express their love and passion for their significant other in an authentic and genuine way? 

Forget Cliche Gifts like Chocolates and Flowers...

Love is not about gifts, chocolates, flowers and other materialistic things, it’s about the small moments, it’s about the butterfly's in the stomach, the random I love you's the enjoyment of each other's company and great life experiences. The most memorable valentine day's that we reminisce about are about the date experience, the time spent together and the memories made that night.

Focus on a Great Date Experience!

As humans the things that truly make us happy are great experiences, good feelings and special moments. Research done by the University of Toronto Scarborough points to the fact that receiving an experience improves relationships much more than material gifts. We are wired as humans to connect to one another, showing affection by showing the other person that you value them and their company is the best way to develop strong personal bonds compared to just picking up a quick and easy gift with little to no meaning behind it and handing it to them.

We want to help you make this Valentine's Day the most memorable valentine’s day by giving your significant other the gift of a special moment, here are our top 5 ideas to having a great valentine’s day experience:

1- Cook a meal together

Couple Cooking a meal together

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Free up your day and ask her or him to come over early, bring some ingredients and take the time to cook a nice home cooked meal together. Your Uber Air Fryer can be handy to cook delicious and easy meals. Couples that cook together develop closeness, it takes a coordinated effort to make a home cooked meal. You both are working together to prepare the ingredients, you get to learn about how you both work on something together, theres shared laughter, jokes and random hugs while prepping and cooking a meal, its not about the meal its about the experience of making it together that helps grow the bond. Sharing a meal with someone is a staple in human relationships, having food together is a symbol of the bond and brings good feelings to all those involved. last but not least dinner conversations are essential to improve communication for any couple.

2- Share a bottle of wine (with your home cooked meal)

Red Wine

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Wine helps loosen people up, it helps people break the ice, eases conversation and is good for you in more ways than one 😉 as it helps improve blood flow. Research shows that women who drank 1 to 2 glasses of wine had an increased sexual desire and libido compared to those that did not. the flavonoids in red wine helped increase sexual function and improved blood flow to key areas. Break out her or his favorite wine, use a nice wine aerator and pour the night away!

3- Make a delicious and romantic desert together

Uber Sorbet Icecream Maker

Who doesn't love desert after a good meal? yea we didn't think anyone wouldn't 😂. Whip out your Uber Sorbet maker and try out the delicious Super Berry Blast Sorbet recipe. Strawberry Sorbet so light, so delicious and nutritious it’s hard to resist the temptation, plus you can save some of the strawberries for a little fun later on 😉.

4- Put together a simple video using your pictures


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Share with him or her a video showing all the special moments that you have enjoyed over the last year, use a free service like Headliner to put together a video composed of your pictures together. Headliner is great because it allows you to customize your video with pictures, songs, sound clips, graphics and much more. It will mean much more to your date that you took time and effort to put something so special together for the both of you to share and enjoy!

5- Give them a massage

Couple Massage Valentines Day

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After the dinner, wine, desert and memories shared, offer him or her a massage. Nothing sets the mood like a nice massage with good scented candles in the room. Pro Tip use your Uber Chill Mini Fridge on the heated setting to keep dampened towels warm, warm towels feel great and help relax the muscles after a massage. A good back massage or foot rub can set the stage for a nice fun filled romantic evening. Touch is very important in developing a strong bond between people and we don't know of a better way to enjoy each other’s company and set the mood than a good old fashioned massage!

In Conclusion

The key to a happy life is good relationships with others, to build good relationships with people we need to properly communicate our love and affection. The best way to build good relationships is not through meaningless gifts but great memory creating experiences. A couple that learns to work together and communicate will have a long lasting loving relationship, and what better way to do that than to cook together? a little wine goes a long way to create good flowing conversation and good conversation means good communication. A little homemade desert captures the heart of any one with a solid sweet tooth, plus its valentine’s day it’s the day for sweet things anyways. Sharing memories of good times brings out positive and good feelings and builds bonds. Last but not least a nice relaxing sensual massage can help the relationship and set the stage for a romantic love filled evening.

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