How to get rid of Air Fryer Plastic Smell

Air Fryers are wonderful appliances, so compact, so versatile, and easy to cook quick healthy delicious meals in. Air Fryers use the concept of convection heating, using hot air that re-circulates in a small chamber to evenly coat the entire surface of the food inside and cook it to perfect crispiness and bring it to the right temperature inside and out. Just like the name suggests it basically fries and/or bakes foods without need for oil. A conventional oil fryer uses the concept of heating the oil that completely surrounds the food and cooks it from the outside in the drawback is dealing with the excess oil and grease that is not great for heart and arteries. 

If you have gotten a new air fryer recently and started cooking with it right away you might have experienced the unpleasant smell of plastic either around the kitchen or in the food. Since no one really enjoys plastic smelling food, you went online looking for answers, well we are here to help explain why new air fryers can sometimes have a plastic smell and how to get rid of air fryer plastic smell quickly and easily.

Why do New Air Fryers have a plastic smell?

Air Fryers are made of heat resistant plastic, from the outside case to most of the components inside. The heat resistant plastic is great for insulating the heat, keeping it concentrated inside the air fryer and being cool enough on the outside to touch and handle without burning your skin. Most of the components of an air fryer are plastic mold injected parts that require the parts to vent the plastic fumes over time through the process of heating and cooling. Most factories do not have the time to heat and cool the plastic multiple times to rid the air fryers of the plastic smell which unfortunately creeps up during the first couple of uses. In Addition to that the fans, heating elements and other electronic components in the air fryer also have a small break in period. The bearings in the fan may also emit an offensive odor until they are properly broken in, the heating element electric soldering does the same until everything settles where it should be. Last but not least the anti-stick coating also experiences fume release in the first couple of uses and it could use some good old fashioned pan seasoning just like with a cast iron pan to take away those nasty smells and improve the surface finish.

How does one get rid of air fryer plastic odor?

We put together a short guide on things to do to properly break in your new Air fryer and get rid of any plastic smell

1- Thoroughly wash the basket and grease separator tray

Air Fryer plastic smell

Start by using a strong dish washing soap with good degreasing power to scrub away any plastic particles, oils and dirt from the new basket and separator tray. this process is essential because you don't know how clean the basket is when handled in the manufacturing process. Clean the basket, degrease it and let it air dry.

2- Break in your Air Fryer

We highly recommend running the air fryer with no food in it for a couple of cycles to allow the plastic inside and outside the air fryer to heat and cool then release the plastic fumes. Much like a new car (oh that new car smell), that new car smell is basically plastic fumes being released, after a couple of weeks it starts to wear off because the fumes have been released from the plastics and they are now settled. Take your clean air fryer basket and separator tray, place it in the air fryer and set the air fryer to 350-400 deg and let it run with no food for 40 min, allow the air fryer to cool for 15min and repeat 3-4 more times. Doing so will expedite the process of fume release and remove the plastic odors. We suggest doing this break in routine outdoors (with access to an electric outlet) or in a garage if your air fryer makes the whole room or house smell like plastic.

3- Prime or Season the basket and grease separator tray

After you complete step 2 we suggest coating your basket and grease separator tray with a light coating of cooking oil. Take regular cooking oil and dampen a paper towel with it, use your oil dampened paper towel and coat the inside of the basket and grease separator with it then set your air fryer to 350-400 deg and run it for 10 min, let it cool for 10min then remove the tray wipe it down and repeat the process once more. Once this is complete, wipe the basket of any excess oil, wash it with dish soap and let it air dry. Do not use any spray type cooking oil such as pam as it will cause your anti-stick coating to peel off.

4- Distilled Vinegar and lime juice steam bath

vinegar and lime steam bath for air fryer


Get a small oven safe dish and put 1 table spoon of distilled vinegar and 1 table spoon of lime juice, mix it up and place it in the air fryer basket. Set the temperature to 350-400 deg and run the air fryer for 3 min, let it cool with the dish inside for another 15min. the lime and vinegar will coat the inside and absorb any fumes. Wash the basket once more after this steam bath and wipe the inside of the air fryer with a damp towel to wipe off any plastic fumes and residue.

Once you completed the above steps you should have no plastic smell or taste once you start cooking in your new air fryer.  We recommend washing your basket after every cooking session to prevent grease build up and bacteria growth that could foul the foods and make you sick.  Wipe down the inside of the air fryer with a damp towel after every cooking session as well. Last but not least do the vinegar lime steam bath once a month to keep the air fryer clean and odor free for life.

Bonus Tip #1

Air Fryer Aluminum foil basket


Here is a nifty trick to keeping your air fryer mess free, clean and your basket's anti-stick coating lasting a whole lot longer. We use heavy duty aluminum foil and cover the bottom of the basket, this will allow all the extra grease, melted cheese and god knows what else drips off your food be captured by the aluminum foil. We like to make our little aluminum foil into a little tray with handles sticking out the sides so that it’s easier to just lift the cooked food and the grease completely out of the basket. The aluminum protects the anti-stick coating from any mess and damage by utensils. Also if you wanted to pour the juices back on to the food well its all right there in the aluminum tray.  once you’re done just pitch the soiled aluminum and wipe down the basket with a clean damp towel, et-voila mess free air frying.

Bonus Tip #2

Air Fryer Crispy French Fries

For a better fully cooked food especially to the core, for cooking chicken breast or steaks  a tip we have is to pre-heat your air fryer.  This works well for crispier fries as well. Pre-heat the air fryer to the desired temperature and let it run empty for 5 min prior to inserting the food in the basket that way the internal temperature of the air fryer is already at the desired temperature. We tried it out once and will not go back to just starting cold, it cooks the items faster and more fully. Chicken, Steaks and fish benefit from this also allowing the hot air to seal the juices inside making the food juicer and more flavorful.

Overall owning an air fryer is a major convenience due to its small size and huge cooking capabilities. Air Fryers are great for small apartments, dorms, on the road in an RV or for camping with access to electricity or in a car with an inverter (think tailgating, fire up the air fryer for delicious wings, onion rings, fries and air fryer steaks woot woot!). There are a bazillion air fryer recipes out there from healthy homemade chicken wings, to perfectly crispy oil free fries, delicious sweet brownies and soufflé’s and much much more. With all awesome things there is some maintenance involved and if you set up your air fryer right from the start it will serve you well for a very long time.

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Thank you for creating and sharing this article. I received a Philips XXL on December 31, 2020. I opened the packaged and read all the material and to my surprise there was no information about how to operate the air fryer, no start guide. I figured a new machine would need some sort of break in method, and was surprised that there was no indication to do so. So I washed down all the internal parts, dried them. Then prepared home made fries as per the instructions in the supplied cookbook. When cooking the fries the smell was horrible. A strong plastic like smell filled our home. The fries were not edible. They smelled and tasted like plastic. I was pretty disappointed. So I washed everything down very well. The next morning I decided to try again and washed all the the parts a second time before cooking a frittata. Again same issue the plastic smell was worse than the first time. But the eggs did not carry as much as a plastic smell/taste.
I turned to Dr. Google to see if others were experiencing the same or similar issues when I stumbled upon this article. I am so happy I did. It took 4 full – 40 minute break in periods at 400 degrees until the smell was not so noticeable . Then, by the second seasoning we could only smell oil not plastic (YAY!). Since I went this far I decided to also follow the remaining steps for the distilled bath (vinegar and lime juice). After all these steps were done we then tested the air fryer by cooking 18 chicken legs, 2 batches of 8 and a batch of 2, back to back so about 65 minutes of straight use. It worked perfectly. No smoke, no smelly plastic, just wonderful normal tasting chicken legs. I also feel the seasoning the inner pot, screen, and basket made it easier to clean.
So thank you, thank you very much for sharing this article. Prior to doing these steps i was considering switching the Philips XXL or the Corsori 5.8. Not anymore. I fell in love with the AF today.

Tina January 04, 2021

Thank you all for your feedback, Please report back on if this helped or maybe an tips or tricks you have used that we missed in the article that helped you out. We love hearing from you guys and gals!

Uber Appliance January 03, 2021

We have had 2 of the Vortex air fryers and had the terrible plastic smells for way too many meals. A lot of food was thrown out because it was inedible. I did the tricks posted here and it seems to have helped but I wouldn’t say that our fryers are odorless.

Ron January 03, 2021

We have had 2 of the Vortex air fryers and had the terrible plastic smells for way too many meals. A lot of food was thrown out because it was inedible. I did the tricks posted here and it seems to have helped but I wouldn’t say that our fryers are odorless.

Ron January 03, 2021

Thank for providing these various tips! Extremely helpful and I may come back to leave a comment once I’ve gone through these options 🤗

Carolyn January 03, 2021

I have tried everything (it is only 1mon old) and the Smell is still in the house and in the food this is the worst thing i have ever tried Help ! please i’m a single dad and everyone loves theirs and no smell HELP !!!!

gary brown January 03, 2021

Thank you for this information. Excellent design on you air fryers.

Don November 03, 2020

Good tips…thanks for sharing them.

Denny November 03, 2020

there was some good tips here thank you

Ronald Clark November 03, 2020

We have used this air fryer several times since Christmas and it’s now almost August and it still smells. It has made the entire first floor of my house stink and I have a headache and feel light headed. This is only from having it on for 3 minutes with nothing in it. It was a gift for Christmas from my brother and he won’t believe my complaints because his doesn’t stink (then again he eats super processed junk so maybe he isn’t as sensitive to plastic carcinogens). I think I’m going to throw this thing out if this article is correct and the residue will always be there, my food always tastes horrid coming out of it.

Alexis January 03, 2021

Thank you for the information. I have been thinking about buying an air fryer, but I have seen so many complaints about the fumes that I am less enthusiastic about it now. With all of your tips, it may be a possibility again.

Michele November 03, 2020

I just purchased an air fryer during COVID-19 because my daughter tries out TikTok recipes all the time 😂 This article was very detailed on how to get rid of the chemical burning plastic smell. Thank you for the information! I’m very grateful!

Renee Whiten November 03, 2020

Thanks for all the great tips just bought my first new air fyer

Mary November 03, 2020

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