Uber Air Fryer Ribeye Steak and Asparagus Recipe (Keto Friendly) Uber Appliance

Uber Air Fryer Ribeye Steak and Asparagus Recipe (Keto Friendly)

Uber Air Fryer Ribeye Steak and Asparagus Recipe

Who doesn't love a nice juicy medium rare Ribeye steak? yep thats what I thought, my mouth is watering just thinking about it 😛. Today we have a treat for you with our Uber Air Fryer (get yours here today: Uber Air Fryers) cooking up a nice juicy medium rare Ribeye Steak with some crunchy asparagus! Wasting no more time here's what you need:

  • 1 Thick Cut Ribeye Steak (16oz)
  • 1 Table Spoon Coarse Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Table Spoon Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/4 Stick of unsalted Butter
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • Rosemary to taste
  • 1/2 bundle of Asparagus

1- Season your steak, pre-heat your air fryer and prep your asparagus

Step one involves seasoning your steak then allowing the air fryer to preheat while you wait for your steaks to lightly marinate.  We start off by putting our steaks on a clean surface, adding a light coating of olive oil, this will allow the seasoning to stick to the steak and gives the steak a nice sear while cooking in the air fryer.  Once you added a light coating of oil using a coarse grinder on the largest setting grind a little bit of coarse sea salt and fresh black pepper on both sides of the steak.  Be generous with the seasoning as you will lose 30% of the salt during the cooking process and if your steak is 3/4-1 inch thick it will need the seasoning to taste good.

Once you are done seasoning the steak, set it aside and let it absorb the salt and pepper while you pre-heat your air fryer.  We like to pre-heat our air fryer by setting the temperature to 400F deg and allowing it to run empty for 5 minutes. This gives enough time for the air fryer to reach cooking temperature and allows the basket it to be nice and hot when its time to place the steaks inside.  We recommend you leave the crisper tray in to allow the air to flow all around the steak while cooking and its a great way to allow the grease from the steak to drip to the bottom of the basket so that your steaks are not greasy.

While the Air fryer is heating up and your steaks are marinating this is the perfect time to get your asparagus prepped and seasoned. Wash your asparagus with water to make sure it is clean prior to seasoning.  Once the asparagus is clean we lightly coat it with olive oil and season it the same way we did the steaks, with coarse sea salt and fresh black pepper.

2 - Place everything in the Air fryer and start cooking

Carefully remove the basket from the air fryer and make sure to use tongs to place your seasoned ribeye and seasoned asparagus in the basket.  Make sure the basket has the crisper tray in the bottom to ensure air flow all around the food while it cooks.  We recommend using tongs to prevent yourself from burning your fingers as the air fryer basket will be hot after pre-heating.

Place the air fryer basket back into the body of the air fryer and set the cooking temperature to 400F for 15minutes.  Allow the food to cook and at the 5 minute mark we recommend removing the air fryer basket to flip your steak and to shake up the asparagus.  At the 10 minute mark you can add butter, garlic cloves and rosemary directly on to the steak, this will give the steak that nice buttery, garlicky, and rosemary flavor kick that we know and love.  

At the 12 mintute mark, flip the steak again and make sure the garlic cloves and rosemary are sitting on top again, this is to get the flavor in both sides. at the 12minute mark you can remove the asparagus if you want it a little crunchy, you can shake it up and leave it to cook for the full 15 minutes if you want softer asparagus.

3 - Plate up, serve and enjoy with your favorite beverage!

Once the cooking time is up and you hear the chime, its time to remove the steak and asparagus from the air fryer basket.  Plate up your food and enjoy with your favorite beverage, we recommend a nice red wine with steak or an IPA beer as it will enhance the dining experience.  At this point you can also add a compound butter to your steak if you like it extra buttery, or you can add a dinner roll as a nice dose of carbs (if you are not following Keto). Bon Appetite!

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