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Best Makeup, Skin care and Beauty Fridge 2022

The trend that’s taking Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and snapchat make up and beauty influencers by storm is the beauty fridge trend. The influencers swear by their beauty fridges and proudly display them in their bedrooms, bathrooms and beauty counters. Lets be real the pictures and videos make us really want one because they are so darn cute with all the little stickers and filled with goodies we wish we had (make up companies we are open for sponsorships 😂). what’s all the hype about you might ask? do you really need to store your skin care products in a fridge? what skin care products should you not store in a fridge? What beauty products should not be stored in a fridge? So many questions going through our minds! Well we did our homework and got some answers for you.

Why should you store you skin care products in a fridge?

We found that yes you can and should store your skin care products in a skin care fridge, Many skin care products on the market today contain organic and perishable ingredients such as vitamin C, Citrus, Retinol and Benzoyl peroxide that need to be refrigerated to allow the product to last longer. Homemade and DIY Skin care products especially ones made with off the shelf ingredients also fall in this category.

Many of these Homemade or Organic beauty products do not contain any preservatives and the cooling effect helps reduce the possibility of products going bad or having bacteria and mold grow in the product. If you use spoiled skin care products it can cause eczema, acne and dermatitis as well as a host of other undesirable skin reactions and allergies. Storing your beauty products in your kitchen fridge is also not recommended because crumbs and other food particles can get in your products expediting the growth of bacteria and mold. On the flip side if cross contamination occurs between your beauty products and the food that you eat, it could cause you to get sick. Make up is not made to be ingested by humans or animals and can be very toxic if consumed, this could lead to damage to your body and expensive visits to the Emergency room.

Which skin care products can be stored in a fridge and which beauty products should not be stored in a fridge?

Beauty Fridges are great for storing Skin Care Products such as cremes, lotions, eye masks, face masks, mascara, pencils and jade rollers.  The chilled products help give a nice and cool sensation to the skin and they also amplify the face de-puffing effect and allow the products to work better on your skin. It’s nice to get that spa treatment feeling from the comfort of your own home.

Some products such as lipstick, perfume and oils are not recommended to be stored in a beauty fridge as it causes them to break down and lose their effectiveness. Oils have a tendency to separate and congeal when re-frigerated rendering them useless. so always check what you can and cannot store in a beauty fridge.

I'm sold give me the best beauty fridge recommendations!

With that said here are our recommendations for the Best Make up, Skin care and Beauty Fridges on the market

1- The Uber Chill Beauty Fridge

Uber Chill Skin Care Fridge

The Uber Chill Beauty Fridge is a cute retro style fridge with a cool chrome latching mechanism. It's timeless design with many great colors such as gun metal silver, white, navy blue, matte black, matte black with a blue LED fan and Ubertone Red, is very sticker friendly so that you can customize it to your liking and will make a great aesthetically pleasing addition to your make up counter or bathroom.

Uber Chill Beauty Fridge

It has a 4 liter capacity which should be enough room to store quite a few products inside, it also has a removable shelf to allow you to store taller items. The Uber Chill Make Up Fridge also has two settings, a cooling setting and a heating setting, the temperatures are pre-set for optimal cooling and heating so you don’t have to worry about it. Why do you need a heating setting you ask? You can heat up dampened towels in your Uber Chill Cosmetics Fridge on the heat setting for a home spa treatment. Apply the steamy hot towels to your face to open up pores before your exfoliating routine then finish off with cool skin care products to nourish and feed your clean skin. The results from the home spa treatment will blow you away, you will have glowing skin for days!

Uber Chill Beauty Fridge

Inside dimensions of the Uber Beauty Fridge come in at 8in tall, by 5-1/4in wide and 5-3/4in deep. It comes with a regular AC outlet plug as well as a 12v DC plug for use in a car, Truck or RV. it also features a handle for easy portability and it weighs less than 3 lbs, super lightweight. The fridge is environmentally friendly CFC Free as it uses thermoelectric cooling chips rather than traditional Ozone harmful Freon gas.

2- The Uber Chill 2.0 Beauty Fridge

Uber Chill 2.0 Make up Fridge

Much like the Uber Chill, the Uber Chill 2.0 Beauty fridge is the latest and greatest revision. It has many of the same features of the original Beauty Fridge but we took your feedback, made it even better and sleeker.

Uber Chill 2.0 Cosmetics Fridge

The Uber Chill 2.0 Cosmetics Fridge comes with a removable shelf inside the fridge and a removable door shelf to hold your Jade Roller, face masks, eye masks or some of the smaller vials that you may have. The door shelf is removable so that you can take it off if you don't need it and you need the extra interior space.

Uber Chill 2.0 Beauty Fridge

The exterior of the Beauty Fridge is glass so that you can still apply all your favorite stickers but with the glass surface it’s easy to remove them wipe away any residue and apply new ones, the glass surface is glass marker friendly (Red glass marker is included with the fridge for free! so you can write anything you want on the fridge, be it notes, to do list or inspirational quotes.

3- The Uber Chill XL Beauty Fridge

Uber Chill XL Skin Care Fridge

The Uber Chill XL Skin Care Fridge is the big brother of the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge Series, the XL Beauty Fridge offers the largest capacity at 9 liters with interior dimensions of 9-1/4in tall, by 8in wide and 5-1/4in deep.

Uber Chill 2.0 Beauty Fridge

The futuristic yet somehow retro design reminds us of something out of a jetsons episode all we’re missing is the robot maid 😂. We love the fact that the Uber Chill XL's door has a viewing window so that you can see all the items stored inside without having to open it, makes us feel like we are on an episode of MTV Cribs on a budget 😂.

Coming in a variety of colors just like the Original Uber Chill Skin Care Fridge we have the following options Gun Metal Silver, White, Navy Blue and a cool Matte Black.

Uber Chill XL Make Up Fridge

The Uber Chill XL Beauty Fridge also comes with a regular AC outlet plug as well as a 12v DC plug for use in a car, Truck or RV. it also features a handle for easy portability and it weighs less than 5 lbs. Just like the Original Uber chill it is powered by Thermoelectric cooling chips so its environmentally safe and CFC free.

Final Thoughts?

In conclusion we believe there is a lot of value from having a make up fridge in your bedroom or bathroom to keep your beauty products chilled. The benefits of extending the life of the products and keeping them bacteria, mold and germ free is huge. 

The cooling effect not only helps extend the life of the skin care products it gives the products such a great feel when applied and it helps moisturize your skin and amplify the face de-puffing effect especially for items like eye masks as the goal is to depuff the area under your eyes and get rid of bags under the eyes. Keeping your make up away from your kitchen fridge will prevent food mixing with potentially toxic make up and keep your make up free of bacteria. 

The heating setting on the Uber Chill Beauty fridges is a big plus in our book as you can heat up dampened towels for a home spa treatment. Heated damp towels warm up the skin and moisturize your face prior to applying exfoliating creams that clean up dirty pores and dead skin. Once your skin has been cleaned up, a chilled face mask or eye mask nourishes your skin and gets it ready for a cool massage by the chilled jade roller. The treatment will leave your skin glowing and your face feeling super fresh.

Finally having a beauty fridge on your make up counter makes life easy and convenient as you don't have to go to the kitchen to get your beauty products then go back to the kitchen to put them away, everything is right there in your bathroom or bedroom at arm’s length.

Tell us about your experience with Beauty Fridges?

Do you have a beauty fridge? If so how do you use it? What products do you keep in your cosmetics fridge? If you don’t what’s keeping you from getting one?

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