We've all been there, after a night of celebration and partying you wake up and your face feels like the Michelin man, not a great feeling or look. The reason your face gets puffy is because of water retention, alcohol and sodium are usually the worst offenders that cause water retention and puffiness. We did some research, initially on sodium and alcohol (and found out it was a swell time haha), but more on how to reduce facial bloat and here is what we found. This is our 5 step routine to flush out the sodium and toxins, cool and hydrate your skin, massage it and relax it then nourish it for a beautiful and glowing look all day.

Water skin care hydration

1- Water intake

First thing you want to do is to flush out any sodium and toxins in your body, start the day by drinking 16 to 24 oz of water. The goal is to drink at least 1 gallon of water throughout the day. The reason behind this is that when you boost your water intake unexpectedly you put your body into flush mode, the body doesn't know what to do with the excess water and just starts flushing sodium and toxins to bring the body down to a neutral PH level and eliminate any toxins that are retaining water. The downside is an increase in bathroom breaks but your face and body will thank you!

Ice skin facial de puff

2- Ice facial

Just as it sounds it basically involves taking ice cubes and massaging your face with them. This instantly cools down your face and reduces the swelling caused by water retention. Not only does the ice cube cool and reduce swelling, as it melts your skin is directly hydrated and it should start de-puffing instantly.

Jade roller facial bloat routine

3- Massage with a jade roller

Once you started the flushing and cooling process you want to take it a step further and use a cool jade roller, preferably one that has been stored in your beauty fridge.  The cooler the jade roller is the more effective this step will be, it is critical to have a cold jade roller not one at room temperature, the room temperature jade roller will actually reverse the effect of step 2 causing your skin to warm up while the jade roller becomes cooler. We recommend keeping your jade roller in your beauty fridge to achieve the desired results of this facial de puff routine. The cold jade roller will keep your skin cold and massage your skin cells to push out toxins and relax your facial muscles.

Facial eye mask to reduce face puffiness

4 - Collagen eye masks

We recommend applying a cold collagen eye mask to reduce bags under your eyes. Again like the jade roller it is recommended that the eye mask be refrigerated in your beauty fridge for maximum results. Collagen will firm up bags under the eyes and reduce any wrinkles or crows feet around your eyes.  This step will give your eyes and skin a glow like never before.

Facial skin care product to de-puff face

5 - Apply your favorite facial skin care product

Last but not least while you have your eye mask on you can apply your favorite skin care product to the rest of your face, this will give your skin the nutrients it needs, firm it up and give it a beautiful glow. As with the other two products we also recommend having your skin care products refrigerated at a cool temperature to get the best results.

We hope you enjoyed this facial bloat and facial de-puff routine and we hope that you get the most out of it. If you enjoyed this content and the results of this routine please let us know in the comments.  If you think you have a better way to reduce facial puffiness please let us know so that we all can try it out!

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