Should you refrigerate your skin care products? The answer will surprise you...

Skin care products are very personal and intimate, its something that you apply to your face, neck, arms and hands. Everyone wants to look and feel their best and to get the most out of your skin products you have to carefully store them. Most skin care products manufacturers recommend that you store your lotions and cremes in a dark, cool area to avoid the product deteriorating and activating too quickly. Many skin products are made with natural and organic ingredients such as honey, aloe, and citrus that don't fare too well in direct sunlight and high temperature settings, even at room temperature the products start breaking down and become the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

Why stay in the dark?

Direct sunlight and UV Rays breakdown and activate skin care products, by the time you apply them all the benefit is gone a bathroom vanity will work well as long as the room temperature is below ambient temperature preferably on the low side closer to 60-65 deg.

Heat is the silent Killer

Heat slowly causes the skin care products to separate and break down chemically releasing all the nutrients and oils from the product before they get a chance to benefit your skin

Kitchen Fridges and Bacteria

Storing your precious skin lotions and cremes in a cool dark place such as a fridge is a great idea, your kitchen fridge not so great and heres why. Your Kitchen fridge is a high use fridge that is full of food which can introduce contamination in your skin care products resulting in nasty bacteria growth in the skin products. Not only is it a risk to the product it is also a risk to your family, especially if you have little ones that might get their hands on the skin products and accidentally ingest them.

Avoid freezing temperatures

Another draw back of using a full size fridge is that the temperature can dip so low and cause your skin care products to freeze which is also not good for the product and will cause you to have to thaw out your product before using it.

Is there a perfect solution?

Purchasing a separate fridge can be costly and in-convenient to many fortunately there are many products on the market specifically for cosmetics and skin care storage. One of the options is the Uber Chill or Uber Chill XL line of personal mini fridges, small enough to store in a bedroom, bathroom or living room but spacious enough to store a large amount of skin care products. Our customers have used their Uber Chill Fridges specifically for that reason with great success, get yours here today!

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