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So you started your New Years resolution to lose the extra holiday pounds, Awesome! good for you! Nothing feels better than sweating off all those sweets and treats that you've indulged in. You've been working your butt off in the gym doing cardio, running, going up the stair master and lifting weights. You are on a Keto diet, because you know its one of the fastest ways to drop those pounds like its hot! its been going well but man oh man your sweet teeth is starting to get the best of you. Fear not Uber Appliance is here to...

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Summer is right around the corner, yes bikini and swimsuit season is coming up ladies and gentlemen! This is the time of the year for family barbecues, pool parties and summer fun and everyone wants to look their best. What better way to look great at the pool then to shed those un-wanted pounds by going on a Keto diet! Keto is great but it is also a very tough diet for those of us blessed with a sweet tooth.  Cut out all sweets, sugars and carbs, Noooooooooooo!!!! Fear not Uber Appliance is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with...

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Uber Sorbet Maker: Super Berry Blast Sorbet Recipe (keto Friendly 😉😉 hint hint) The Recipe for Berry sorbet is super simple and delicious if you are using your Uber Sorbet Ice Cream Maker (if you don't have one, get yours here: Uber Sorbet Ice Cream Maker). Berries are a great anti-oxidant, Keto Friendly and are a super food.  These awesome fruits are super delicious when served in a sorbet and will curb your cravings for ice cream if you are following a healthy Keto diet! Here is what you need: 1/4 Cup of frozen Blueberries (use organic fruits if you prefer, we...

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