Sweet Cantaloupe Keto Ice Cream Recipe Uber Appliance

Sweet Cantaloupe Keto Ice Cream Recipe

So you started your New Years resolution to lose the extra holiday pounds, Awesome! good for you! Nothing feels better than sweating off all those sweets and treats that you've indulged in. You've been working your butt off in the gym doing cardio, running, going up the stair master and lifting weights. You are on a Keto diet, because you know its one of the fastest ways to drop those pounds like its hot! its been going well but man oh man your sweet teeth is starting to get the best of you. Fear not Uber Appliance is here to help you stick to your resolution and curb your sweet tooth with a guilt free Keto Ice Cream recipe! Check out this awesome Sweet Cantaloupe Keto Ice Cream recipe that we whipped up in our awesome Sorbet Maker for Keto Ice Cream.

Sweet Cantaloupe Keto Ice Cream:

Sweet cantaloupe Keto ice cream

  • 1 whole cantaloupe cut up and frozen

Thaw out your cut up frozen cantaloupe chunks and place them into the sorbet maker chute. You can add a little bit of greek yogurt for a soft serve consistency or add sugar/honey to taste (not Keto Friendly). Push down the fruit down the feed tube and serve! You can add coconut (also Keto Friendly) or Stevia instead of sugar or honey to add a bit more sweetness.

Sweet cantaloupe Keto Ice Cream Nutritional Values

Like the Nutritional facts on this recipe? wondering how you can generate your own so that you can track your macros like a champ. We got ours generated at Happyforks.com they have an awesome tool where you can plug in the ingredients for any recipe and it will generate a nutritional facts label like the one you see above. You can also do the same using the fitness pal app, its a great way to track your calories and macros if you are going on a strict Keto diet.

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  • Kelly

    What would the carb count be if you use Stevia instead of sugar/honey? How much Stevia should you use? It states ‘to taste’ so do you just taste it before putting it through the ice cream maker?

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