Tailgating Challenge's Review of the Uber Chill XL Retro Mini Fridge

Check out Tailgating Challenge's Review of the Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL Retro Mini Fridge


"Coolers are synonymous with tailgating, but what about refrigerators? Well the Uber Chill XL is prepared to help you tailgate or homegate better. 

The Uber Chill XL is a mini fridge that can keep 12 cans or 6 bottled beverage cold without the need of any ice!  This fridge can be powered by the outlets in your home and it has a car adaptor, so you can take the Chill on the road.  (No Drinking and Driving!)

I plugged the Uber Chill in and it has a whisper hum while it chills the contents of the fridge. It also doubles as a warming box to keep food or drinks warm!

I put the Chill to the test against my regular kitchen fridge to see how the two would fare. The Uber Chill came within TWO degrees of being as cold as my expensive kitchen refridgerator. Not too shabby right!?


PROS: Peep window to see contents, quiet, no ice needed, keeps drinks almost as cold as standard sized fridge

CONS: I think an LED light on the inside would make this perfect.


Overall, is you need a small fridge for your office, man cave or next tailgate then you should check out the Uber Chill XL. 

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