Uber Appliance 3.7 Quart 1300 Watts Digital Programmable Touch Screen Air Fryer

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  • It says the UB-AF-3B is 3.7 quarts. How do you determine this size?

    The 3.7 Quart capacity is determined by the capacity of the fry basket itself. It can accomodate up to 3.7 quarts of food when filled.

  • a person has a pacemaker can not use this product? why? do you have idea how to use it with a pacemaker?

    In general, consumer appliances and electronics don’t affect the performance of ICDs and pacemakers. On rare occasions, some of these devices may inhibit pacemakers by a single beat. But the pacemaker’s regular signals are quickly restored. These devices would inlude electric Air Fryers. Even though these devices may pose little risk, still strive to keep all motors and antennae at least six inches away from your ICD or pacemaker.

Create healthier versions of your favorite foods for the entire family by using an Uber Appliance air fryer. The rapid air circulation technology makes it possible to cook with little to no oil, while producing delicious, crispy food every time. However, you don't have to limit yourself to fried foods. The possibilities are endless! You can even bake a cake or bread in our air fryer.


Use the easy to use touch panel with 7 pre-sets: Fries, Shrimp, Bake, Chicken, Chips, Fish, Defrost and Steak. This digital air fryer comes with a redesigned easy to handle basket to ensure cooking is always a pleasurable experience. The 3.7 QT capacity makes it ideal for households with 2-4 family members.


Make cooking a hassle-free experience with this versatile and innovative product. Even clean-up is a breeze! Simply use a non-abrasive sponge and warm water to clean after cooking or toss the basket and oil strainer in the dishwasher.


Large temperature range of 180-400 degrees F and long duration cooking settings, up to 30 minutes, make it possible to cook virtually any dish you desire. Use the included recipe guide for new creative ideas!  Auto pause and resume when the basket is removed or replaced make it easy to check on food and mix up foods when necessary for even cooking. When done cooking, use the basket button to detach the main frying basket from the housing to easily remove food into a serving dish!


Our product is backed with a 90-day hassle free Manufacturer warranty against any factory defects. Simply contact the manufacturer with any issues for easy service and exchanges if any issues are encountered.