Beauty Fridge

Are you looking for the best beauty fridge on the market? Look no further! Uber Appliance’s line of Uber Chill beauty fridges will help keep your beautiful skin glowing, keeping your skin care products cool and fresh lets them work better with your natural skin and keeps facial puffiness at bay! Many skincare products and cosmetics are now being made with all natural products and no preservatives. Natural cosmetics contain vitamin C, Retinol, benzol peroxide and other natural ingredients that have a relatively short shelf life, one way to extend the life of those products and get more out of them is to keep the in a cool dark place such as a fridge. These products don’t like heat, the cosmetics breakdown over time due to heat and humidity. When products break down they start spoiling and are no longer safe to use on your skin.

The Uber Chill Beauty Fridge was Beauty Mag's Top Pick for 2021