The Dish on Oz Black Friday Event 2021 featuring Uber Appliance

Uber Appliance Air Fryer XL Premium


Uber Appliance Uber Chill XL

  • Is the Basket and Crisper Tray easy to clean?

  • How does the air fryer work?

  • Is the non stick coating durable?

  • What Safety features does this air fryer have?

  • Can you place frozen food directly in this air fryer?

  • Can you cook a whole chicken in the air fryer basket?

  • Is my credit card information safe with Uber Appliance?

  • How long is the shipping time?

  • Does Uber Appliance provide a return policy?

  • Does Uber Appliance Provide a real person customer support?

  • Does the 30 day return policy cover Christmas?

  • How can I track the shipping status of my order?

  • How can I register my warranty?

  • Where can I find Air Fryer Recipies to try out with my new Uber Appliance Air Fryer?

  • I am not satisfied with my Uber Appliance Product, how can I return it?

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