Uber Appliance Uber Cooker UB CK1 unboxing and Assembly Guide

Uber Appliance Uber Cooker UB CK1 unboxing and Assembly Guide

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The sorbet maker has inadequate instructions. My email had not been answered. I want to clean it before using (made in China) and there are no instructions Re wiping down the interior of the housing. Overall way overpriced and cheaply made and NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Lizita Hubbard August 13, 2021

I would love to have more instructions on how to use the Deluxe Air Fryer Model: UB-AF-4BD. It’s listed on this web site, but the only (very limited) information seems to be for the 7 in 1 Multi Cooker. For instance, I discovered that repeatedly pressing the “Menu” button takes you through the eight pictures, except I can’t figure out what half of them are supposed to be illustrating. Top row from left to right appears to be: French Fries, A Shrimp, something under a lid, A Chicken, possibly a pair of baked potatoes with polka dots?, A Fish, A snowflake?, and finally, what looks like a stack of Chinese soup spoons. It would also really help if you had someone who speaks English as their first language in charge of anything written so you don’t print sentences like “Put the mains plug in an earthed wall socket”.

Shelley Butchart November 03, 2018

instructions are very poor , trial and error leaves much to be desired

paul July 06, 2017

The instructions in the box are not only not helpful but wrong! The instructions say “turn cover clockwise to close” this is wrong. It is clockwise to open and counter-clockwise to close. It gones on to say “check whether the float valve fall off or not”. Is that even english?! Not to mention…how does the float valve fall off? I would also like to know what the highest temperature is for the deep fryer. My recipe call for 380 degrees. Is this possible?

Mark Jamieson December 31, 2016

how do I get the directions to use this product. The information that was in the box were not helpful at all.

Jeanne Pirtle November 20, 2016

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