The $3 Chic-Fil-A Air Fryer Copy Cat Meal – Red Bag Chicken strikes again

I love me some Chic-Fil-A, especially their spicy chicken sandwich meal, my oh my, I think it’s even better than poppey’s and that says something. The sandwich is just so delicious, crispy yet juicy with just the right amount of kick, the only thing I don’t like is the pickles but I can pick those off no problem. I came across this awesome Air Fryer Chic-Fil-A copycat recipe for the spicy chicken sandwich and I just had to try it because lets be real, every now and then I crave chic filet on a Sunday… haha. Can you really make a tasty copycat chic filet meal at home? With an air fryer we believe so but you can be the judge. Here is our try and our final thoughts on it below!


The Ingredients?

Kirkwood Chicken Breast Filet

We base our copycat Chic-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwich meal with Aldi ingredients, we start with the infamous Red Bag Chicken filets, or as they are formally called the Kirkwood Chicken Breast Filets. We also picked up a bag of Season’s Choice Waffle Fries as well as a 6 pack of Specially Selected’s Brioche Buns. For the spicy sauce we used Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce and finally for cheese we decided to go with Cabot’s Seriously Sharp Cheddar white Cheddar cheese. We opted out of the pickles but if you like you can add any dill pickle sliced thin to the bottom of the sandwich.


The Recipe:

Chicken breast filet and waffle fries in an Uber Air Fryer XL Basket

We place one chicken filet and 1/3rdof the small bag of waffle fries in the air fryer basket. We Set our Uber Air Fryer XL to the chicken setting at 25min with 400F. We let the air fryer pre-heat for 5 of those 25 mins. Once preheated we add the items to the basket and let it cook for 10 min before removing the basket to flip over the chicken filet and shake the fries around for even cooking. When we put the basket back in we let the air fryer do its thing while toasting the Brioche Bun in the toaster at 3min and 350F. Once everything is ready we put our chicken filet on our brioche bun, add a two slices of cheddar and a little buffalo wing sauce. Et Voila, a tasty chic filet meal at home.

Uber Air Fryer XL Copycat Chic Filet Spicy Chicken Sandwich Meal 

Taste and Final thoughts?

Compared to Chic-Fil-A's price, Aldi definitely comes out on top, our waffle fries cost $1.49 (50 cents per serving) , the 6 brioche buns cost $3.65 (61 cents per serving), Chicken filets at $5.99 for 5 pieces ($1.20 per serving). The cheese and sauce we estimate at 35 cents per serving and finally a tasty beverage, our choice was a can of Diet Dr pepper 50 cents each, for a grand total of just over $3, $3.16 to be exact way cheaper than any meal we can buy at chic filet and it was homemade!

As far as the taste is it exactly like Chic-Fil-A? Of course not but it comes pretty darn close, the convenience of being able to cook it at home on any day and at any time at a steep discount makes it pretty awesome though. We highly recommend you give a shot at home and see if your family enjoys it as much as we did! It was fun trying it out and it was pretty delicious in our opinion.


Did you like this recipe? do you think we can do better? let us know in the comments below we love to hear from our readers!

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