Summer Shrimp Boil Air Fryer Recipe

One of our favorite fourth of July Traditions is instead of grilling up burgers and dogs we do an annual Summer Shrimp Boil. Its a great cajun meal thats just perfect for the summer, buttered corn on the cob with cajun spicy shrimp and zesty lemon all in one dish?, Yummy!

Normally a seafood boil requires lots of prep, large dishes, and a big clean up for a messy meal.  At Uber Appliance we spent time doing research to see if we can cook up a seafood boil in an air fryer and luckily we found an awesome quick prep, mess free recipe and want to share it with you.

The Ingredients needed are as follows to make 2 servings:

1 lb small red skin potatoes
1 lb devined raw shrimp
1 anadojuile sausage
2 ear of corn
3 lemons
4 tbs of butter
2 tbs of virgin olive oil
Oldbay seasoning
Salt to taste

1- prep the Red Skin Potatoes

Start by taking your Red skin potatoes and rinse them under the sink to clean them before cooking. Place the red skin potatoes in microwave safe dish. Place the potatoes in your microwave and set it to 5 min. After it completes cooking remove the dish from the microwave and let it cool for 5 min. Once cooled split each potato in half. Split the potatoes between two aluminum foil bags. The reason we cook the potatoes in the microwave before continuing to cook it with the rest of the ingredients in the Air fryer is the potatoes take a longer time to cook and we don't want to over cook the shrimp after we mix it all together.

2- Add the remaining ingredients

Just as you did with the potatoes, rinse the corn and raw shrimp. Take your corn ears and split them in half, put the two half corn ears in each Aluminum bag. Add the devined shrimp to the aluminum bags as well. Cut up the Anadojulie sausuage up in slices then add to the mix. Once all the main ingredients are in the aluminum foil bags, add 1 tbs of virgin olive oil and shake the bags to get everything coated in oil. Open the bags up and add 2 tbs of butter, Oldbay seasoning and salt to your taste. Shake the bag once more then cut up a lemon in quarters for each bag and place the lemon quarters in the bag.

3- Cook in Air Fryer

Pre-heat your Air fryer by setting the temperature to 400 deg for 5 min. After pre-heating, Place your fully prepped bags in the air fryer basket. Make sure the basket grease separator has been removed to maximize basket capacity. Set the Air Fryer temperature to 320 degrees for 15min. Remove and shake the basket every 5 min to insure the butter, seasoning, salt, and lime juice is coating the contents of the bag. Once cooking is complete remove from the air fryer basket and serve with a lemon on the side. 

We hope you enjoyed this awesome recipe, if you think we could improve on it, or if you have a better recipe all together or any comments or questions feel free to leave us a message below in the comments and we will do our best to answer each and every comment.

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