This recipe is one of our favorite juice recipes here at the Uber Appliance Office, it’s the type of juice that melts your stress away and makes you feel like you are chilling on the beach in Puerto Rico or something. The sweet taste of the pineapple is broken with a little bit of tartness from the strawberry, add a couple of mint leaves for a minty cool finish.  Pineapple and strawberries are loaded with vitamin C and other healthy nutrients.  Overall this the perfect afternoon drink to keep you cool on a hot summer day.

Pineapple Strawberry juice recipe

  1. ½ of a whole pineapple
  2. 16oz of fresh strawberries
  3. 6-10 Mint leaves (add as many as you like depending on your taste for mint)

A couple of tips, you want to prep the pineapple, most juicers will not be able to process pineapple skin.  Cut the pineapple into small chunks that are skin free.  Wash your strawberries well and cut them in half prior to juicing them.

For a well distributed juice:

I would alternate between adding chunks of pineapple and strawberry in the juicer.  I would also add a couple of leaves every now and then for a well distributed juice mix.  Once your fruits have been juiced place the finished juice in the fridge for a couple of hours as this drink is best served chilled.

For a sweet presentation:

If you are shooting to impress someone with your top notch juicing skills, then juice both the pineapple and the strawberries in separate containers.  Pour the pineapple base first into a chilled mason jar, fill the jar about 2/3rds of the way up then add the strawberry juice.  Top it off with tiny chunks of strawberries and crushed ice.  The color contrast between the juices gives a very nice aesthetic to the drink and the crushed ice mixed with small strawberry chunks just enhances the coolness and flavor of the drink.

Pro Tip:

  • This juice can be turned into a cocktail with a splash of rum.

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