Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks Air Fryer Recipe

Tik Tok Air Fryer recipes are all the rage now a days and one of the hottest ones, pun intended, is the Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks. At Uber Appliance we love to share the most delicious recipes with our customers, followers and fans so we decided to do so with this quick blog post.

The Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks air fryer recipe is pretty simple and requires very little prep Time. Here is a list of the ingredients needed to try this out:

4 String Cheese Sticks
1-1/4 cup of crushed Hot Cheetos
1 Large Egg
3 Table Spoons of all purpose flour

First step is to prep the String Cheese with base breading, Crack the egg in a bowl and beat it with a fork till its fully mixed. Take each cheese stick and coat it fully with the egg then coat with a light coat of all purpose flour. Next take your base breaded cheese stick and coat it with the crushed Hot Cheetos. Re-coat your cheese stick with egg and dip it back in the crushed Hot Cheetos. Repeat the steps above with the rest of the cheese sticks. Once all 4 cheese sticks have been coated you are ready to put them in the air fryer. Β 

Add some parchment paper to the base of your air fryer basket to prevent the Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks from sticking to the bottom of the basket. Pre-heat your air fryer to 370 deg for 5 min prior to adding the Mozzarella sticks. Insert the Mozzarella sticks in the basket and cook for 4 min or until the Hot Cheetos Mozzarella sticks are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Spicy Mozzarella Air Fryer Sticks are made with hot cheese puffs. (Harper Point Photography)

Voila, look how delicious these look. This is making us hungry, we are headed back to the kitchen to cook up another batch, haha. Do you have a recipe request? Did you find a twist that would make this recipe better? Any comments and questions just leave us a little blurb below in the comments and we will do our best to answer it!

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