Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Cinnamon Rolls are a favorite of ours, especially in the morning with a nice cup of coffee or tea for breakfast. We decided today to make our favorite breakfast treat in the air fryer.  This recipe is so easy and so delicious you will love it, we start off with a base of cinnamon rolls in a can and in less than 15 minutes whip up a batch of piping hot fresh cinnamon rolls that our family loved and devoured in a few days! 


  • 1 Can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Optional cinnamon powder or pumpkin pie spice to taste

1 - Pre heat Air Fryer and open Cinnamon Roll Can

We started off as usual with pre-heating our air fryer at 400 deg for 5 minutes, while the air fryer was warming up we take the time to pop open the cinnamon roll can.  Remove the cinnamon rolls and separate them in a plate and remove the tub of icing in the bottom of the can.

2 - Place your Cinnamon rolls in Air Fryer

Once pre-heated carefully place the cinnamon rolls in your air fryer, be sure to use the crisper tray so that the hot air fully encapsulates the cinnamon rolls and cooks them evenly.  Be careful when placing the cinnamon rolls in the heated basket, we recommend using heat resistant gloves for this step. Once all cinnamon rolls have been placed in the basket cook at 350 deg for 15 minutes. If you like a moist soft inside we recommend cooking for less time.

3 - Add Icing and Enjoy!

Once the cinnamon rolls have been fully cooked, remove, place on a plate and apply the icing while the cinnamon rolls are hot.  The hot cinnamon rolls will allow the icing to melt and fully coat them. From here enjoy the delicious easy to make air fryer cinnamon rolls!

We hope you enjoyed this awesome recipe, if you think we could improve on it, or if you have a better recipe all together or any comments or questions feel free to leave us a message below in the comments and we will do our best to answer each and every comment.

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