Air Fryer Avocado Toast Recipe (Keto Friendly)

Avocado toast the weakness of every millennial world wide, an instagram and tiktok favorite, oh so pretty. Try ordering avocado toast at a restaurant and my oh my the price tag will shock you. How about making a healthy instagramable version at home with your Uber Air Fryer? We like that idea a lot more, healthy, and budget friendly for sure, and oh did we mention we managed to even make it keto friendly from the get. Today we share with you our version of the perfect air fry friendly home made avocado toast, courtesy of Uber Appliance, because we know how much you love these recipes. Without further Ado, lets move on to the required ingredients...


  • Protein Bread Toast (10g of Protein, 4g of net carbs, 0g of guilt)
  • 1 Large Avocado


Take your avocado's and cut them long ways as shown in the picture below

Removing Avocado Pit

Once you split the avocado's in half use a sharp kitchen knife to hit the avocado pit and twist it back and forth to get it loose and you should be able to easily pull it out.

Once the pits have been removed from the halves, peal the exterior skin of the avocado and cut it up into long way slices (as thick or as thin as you would like).

Alternative: You can make it Guacamole Toast if you like, just prep some guacamole in a molcajete with your favorite ingredients, avocado, diced up tomatoes and onions and spices to taste.


Take your two (or one) slices of protein toast and place in the basket on the crisper tray, set the air fryer to 400deg for 6 minutes, flip the toast at the 3 minute mark. You can increase the time for crispier toast if you like or you can reduce it if you like softer toast.

Once the toast is toasted, place on a plate and add the avocado slices on top, salt and lemon to taste and enjoy.  We opted to go the Guacamole route and it tasted delicious, judge for your self:

Guacamole Toast

We hope that you found this recipe delicious and useful, feel free to share with friends and family via email or social media. If you have a recipe you would like to share please let us know in the comments below we love to hear your feedback!

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