Uber Chill Beauty Fridge Featured as a top Beauty Mag Pick for 2021

Uber Chill Beauty Fridge Featured as a top Beauty Mag Pick for 2021

We couldn't be more honored to be picked as one of the top beauty Fridge Picks by Beauty Mag for 2021! We wanted to share with you what they thought about it and what we think and how we plan to improve our Uber Chill beauty Fridge!

One of the biggest reasons to use a beauty fridge is to keep your makeup and beauty products chilled and fresh always. Chilled beauty and skin care products work better than at room temperature, the coolness helps with facial depuffing and facial bloating making your skin firm and glowing all day long. Most skin care products now are made with organic ingredients such as avocado, lemon, orange, coconut and more, these organic ingredients have a limited shelf life and keeping them dry and cool allows them to last longer and work better. Having a beauty fridge in your bedroom by your vanity or in your bathroom is both convenient and useful. Beauty Fridges are for serious makeup lovers that really want to elevate their beauty routine to the next level so if you are the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge is for you!

What did Beauty Mag Love about the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge?

Compact yet Roomy!

Beauty Mag loved the capacity, although compact enough to sit on your bathroom counter or at your vanity it has plenty of capacity at 4 Liters of room and with its removable shelf you can maximize the storage room and fit all your favorite beauty products including but not limited to setting sprays, skin care creams and lotions, face and eye masks, nail polish, perfumes and fragrances and much much more.

Cooling and Heating Capabilities

One thing that sets the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge apart from other Beauty Fridges out there is the Cooling as well as heating capabilities. Now I know what you are thinking, why would I want a fridge with heating capabilities? Well let me tell you, one of the best feelings during a spa day is that warm towel on your face to open up your pores, well if you are having a home spa day you can enjoy that same feeling with the Uber Chill beauty fridge, just put some damp towels in the fridge, flip the switch on the back from cool to heat setting and let it do its thing. in a couple of hours you will have steaming warm damp towels as the Uber Chill makeup fridge heats up to 130 plus degrees.

Quite, Light weight for portability but Sturdy and well built

The Uber Chill Skin Care Fridge is super quite and will not disturb your beauty rest if you keep it in your bed room, it has a super comforting low hum thats barely audible. It features a built in handle for carrying and at less than 5lbs its great for taking your beauty products on the road for family vacations and road trips. Last but not least the Uber Chill skin care fridge is solid and well built made from ABS plastic and stainless steel interior tub, it also comes with a factory 1 year limited warranty so you can buy with confidence from a reputable company that backs up its warranty as we have been in business since 2015 and our reputation means everything to us because we like to keep our customers happy!

Retro Design, Locking Chrome door handle and Multiple Colors!

The Uber Chill Makeup Fridge comes in a variety of cute and fun colors such as Ubertone Red, Ivory White, Navy Blue, Gun Metal Silver and Matte Black. The awesome retro modern design is sleek and beautiful, it also features a chrome integrated locking door handle so that when you take it on the go you don't have to worry about your makeup falling out if accidentally bumped.

What did Beauty Mag not like about the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge?

To be honest with a 4 star rating from Beauty Mag there's not much that they didn't like about the Uber Chill Beauty Fridge but as we all know nothing is perfect and we could all use some improvement! Beauty Mag felt that the Uber Chill is not Eco Friendly, we disagree as the Uber Chill features an Energy Star compliant eco friendly thermo electric cooling technology that only uses a measly 60 watts (less than a standard light bulb).

What is Uber Appliance planning to improve on its already awesome Beauty Fridge?

We are always seeking feedback from our awesome and loyal customers and fans and you guys and gals have spoken up on what you would like to see. Our team at Uber Appliance took in all the suggestions and requests and we will have the following improvements on our Uber Chill Beauty Fridge 2.0:

Door Shelf

You asked for it and we delivered, we are adding a door shelf so that you can increase the storage capacity of your Uber Beauty Fridge, the door shelf is perfect for holding face and eye masks as well as nail polish.

Dry Erase Door

Wouldn't it be great if the door on the Uber Chill beauty Fridge doubled as a somewhere to take notes? that way you can decorate your fridge to match your style with stickers or cute notes in dry erase colorful pens?Well have no fear we are coming through with that request as well soon. stay tuned for our Uber Chill 2.0 Launch!!!

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