Troubleshooting Guide for your Uber Chill (Mini and XL) Uber Appliance

Troubleshooting Guide for your Uber Chill (Mini and XL)

Whether you are currently having trouble with your Uber Chill Mini or XL Fridge or you just want to get the most out of it here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

1- Dust is the enemy of all electronics

Not only does it look nasty but having dust bunnies in your Uber Chill Mini Fridge will significantly reduce the performance of the fridge. We suggest at least once a month disconnect your Uber Chill Mini Fridge let it sit for a couple of hours and take a compressed air source or a compressed air can (like the ones for cleaning computers) and blow out any dust bunnies in the fan to keep it nice, clean and cool. the collection of dust bunnies clog up the thermo electric fan and heat sink causing reduced heat transfer capability which then lowers the temperature differential between the hot and cool side of the thermoelectric element resulting in poor cooling performance. Take the time to clean out your fridge once a month to increase cooling performance and reduce the possibility of burning out the control boards in your fridge.

2- Make sure you are connected to a surge protector

The Uber Chill Mini Fridge has a very low failure rate what we find is that most of the failures are due to power surges and using inferior 3rd party electrical cords. Make sure you always use the authentic supplied electrical cords provided with your original fridge, if you use 3rd party low quality cords you run the risk of causing  your fridge to fail prematurely due to an electrical short. Also make sure all your appliances are connected to a surge protector, all of our appliances are Energy star and UL certified with safety circuit fuses to avoid major damage to the appliance or your home. If your appliances are not connected to a surge protector and you experience a power surge the appliance safety circuit will kick in to avoid major failure.

3- Make Sure your Fan maintains at least 12in from any obstructions

Follow the instructions in your user manual and make sure your fridge fan sits at least 12 inches from any obstructions that could impact air flow. This allows the fridge to maintain a cool temperature at the thermo electric pad, similar to the dust bunnies, a restriction in airflow will reduce fridge performance and cause your fridge to fail pre-maturely.


4- We are always here to help 😊!

Last but not least we are always here to help if you are having trouble with your Uber Appliance Products feel free to reach out to our helpful customer service support rep Jennifer at she is here to answer all your questions and help you with anything you need!!

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  • Bobby Ross

    I bought the UBER CHILL XL 4 years ago for my wife’s office and it recently just stopped working. I checked the built-in fuse and it is good.
    Is there anything I can do to repair it? She loves it and has become very attached to it.
    Bobby Ross
    Trophy Husband

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