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TOP 10 reasons to start Juicing today

There are so many benefits to juicing that people don’t even realize.  Juicing is no longer just for weight loss; it offers so many benefits that you will be kicking yourself that you didn’t start juicing earlier. Juicing will not only help you lose weight, it will clear your body of toxins, clear up your skin,  improve your overall health, lower your stress, improve your satisfaction with life, increase your energy levels, keep you better hydrated, improve your skin, make your mind sharper and even slow baldness.  Mother Nature has given us the cure to many of our ailments yet we keep choosing to consume processed foods that are slowly killing us.  Below are the top 10 reasons you need to start juicing, like right now.

  • Weight Loss

Juicing diets have been around for a while, but why do they work? Juicing helps you reduce your caloric intake by consuming healthy nutritious low calorie high volume vegetables, greens and fruits.  Juicing keeps you full longer throughout the day, the natural fructose keeps your cravings at bay so that you are not reaching for that mid-day snack from the vending machine.

  • Clear toxins from your body

When you start juicing you allow your digestive tract to take a break from trying to digest hard to process solid foods.  When your digestive track gets that break it is able to rid your body of trapped waste and toxins that make you feel bloated and sluggish.

  • Clearer skin

When you intake the proper levels of vitamins and nutrients a surprising thing happens, your body responds.  The body’s natural response to taking in nutritious, fibrous fruits and vegetables is clearer skin.  The processed sugars and simple carbs take a significant toll on your body and especially on your skin, when you start taking in natural fructose and superfoods your skin clears up significantly.

  • Better Health

When you take care of your body you start feeling the effects right away. Your overall health and well-being improves when you are well hydrated and are taking in all your recommended nutrients.

  • Lower stress and increase happiness

A significant advantage of juicing is being able to cut out all the crap fast food and simple processed sugars that you normally would consume.  Juicing keeps cravings at bay while loading up your body with nutrients that help your body’s hormonal balance go back to normal.  When your hormones are in check your stress levels drop and your satisfaction with life goes up, whats not to love.

  • Increased energy levels

A big drain on your energy is the constant cycles of insulin spikes and dips, juicing allows you to regulate your insulin levels which in turn increases your natural energy levels.  With natural energy you don’t have to reach for that toxin filled red-bull/monster/rockstar.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with water content.  Its hard for most people to eat the 5 serving fruits/vegetables that the FDA recommends, drinking the 5 servings is way easier. When you are constantly taking in your daily recommended fruits and vegetables you also take in a significant amount of water which keeps you hydrated all day long.

  • Improve your sleep

When your health is in check, your hormones are in check and you are not constantly suffering through insulin spike cycles your sleep improves significantly. Improved sleep helps you be more productive and feel more energetic throughout the day even without your daily caffeine intake.

  • Increase your brain power

Nutrients are food for your brain; a well fed brain is a brain that is operating at optimal efficiency.  When you feel good, are getting more rest, and your brain is well fed you are sharp and on point.  Juicing is nature’s NZT, embrace it!

  • Healthier Hair and slow baldness

In addition to all the above benefits studies have shown that taking in your daily recommended nutrients from a natural source do wonders to your hair.  Juicing promotes healthier hair and can even slow down male pattern baldness due to the influx of natural nutrients and superfoods.

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