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Skincare fridge - Do I need to refrigerate my skincare products?

Skin care products are very personal and intimate, it's something that you apply to your face, neck, arms and hands. Everyone wants to look and feel their best when using beauty products. Which is why to get the most out of your skin products you have to carefully store them. Most skin care product manufacturers recommend that you store your lotions and cremes in a dark, cool area. They recommend this to avoid the products deteriorating and activating too quickly.
we noticed skincare fridges have been popping up recently on our Tik Tok feed. Its so addicting to watch people restock their makeup fridges with all types of cosmetics and cremes. Today we look at skincare fridges, what are they? Do you really need to refrigerate your skin care products? What are some of the benefits of having your cosmetics refrigerated? Last but not least is it worth the investment to look for and buy one or should you skip it all together. Lets dig deeper into this topic but first let’s start with the most obvious question.

Skincare Fridge - What are they?

Skincare fridge with beauty products stored inside
Some call it a skincare fridge, some call it a makeup fridge and others even call it a beauty fridge, regardless of what you call it, what the heck is it?
A skincare fridge is a mini fridge dedicated to storing your skin care products, lipstick, cremes, face masks, jade rollers and other makeup. The idea behind it is to allow the products to be nice, cool and refreshing when you put them on as well as allowing the products to last longer.
These makeup fridges are usually pretty small so that you can keep it on your vanity, bedroom, bathroom or wherever you do your make up in the morning. Higher quality beauty fridges use a quiet and environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooling chip. Traditional fridges use a loud compressor which has ozone harmful CFC gasses. The best makeup fridges have removable shelves to maximize the internal storage space allowing you can keep more stuff in it.
Some of the thermoelectric beauty fridges also have a heating mode to allow you to heat up damp towels for a nice at home spa day. We love this idea because it allows us to relax and unwind after a long stressful day, this feature alone makes a makeup fridge worth the price.

Do Skin care products need refrigeration or is it all hype?


Natural ingredients in makeup

Natural organic skin care product ingredients
The best skin care products today use natural organic ingredients such as honey, aloe vera, citrus, oatmeal, soy, green tea, sugar, beta carotene, licorice, vitamin C, retinol, various herbs and natural plant products. These organic ingredients do not fare well in room temperature and in open air spaces. The skin care products start to oxidize and spoil in the open air. Skincare fridges cool down and extend the life of your skincare products.

Sunlight and Heat

Heat and UV rays are the enemy of all natural and organic components. The heat and UV rays breakdown the organic ingredients and oils in skin care products. You notice this when you see the oils start to separate from the base product. That happens when the heat evaporates the water content and allows the oil to float to the top. The oil will float to the top of the product because it’s a lighter weight than the base cosmetic. When cosmetics and makeup begin to separate you know that the end is neigh for these products. A beauty fridge shields your products from heat and UV rays by storing them in a dark cool area.

Bacteria growth and its relationship to acne outbreaks

Skin Care products bacteria growth
Bacteria loves 3 things, heat, light and organic ingredients. These 3 things create the perfect breeding ground for nasty bacteria and mold to start growing in your skin care products. According to the Florida department of agriculture, bacteria grows the best at temperatures between 41F and 135F. Most beauty fridges can keep as cold as 32-35F well below this “danger zone” of bacteria growth. According to the Pacific northwest national laboratory bacteria colonies can double in size every 4 to 20 minutes, that’s scary fast.
This bacteria and mold growth is invisible to the naked eye especially in skin care products you use frequently. As the bacteria and mold mixes with the base you will not see a visible colony on top of the products surface.
Bacteria and mold growth will rear its ugly head (black head, pun intended) on your face and in your skin in the form of acne and black heads. When you are smearing your bacteria ridden skin care products on your skin you are doing more harm than good for your body. The acne is the body’s reaction to this toxic environment. Storing your beauty products in a makeup fridge significantly reduces bacteria growth. The low temperature and lack of light in the fridge prevents mold and bacteria from forming. This is a big reason why people who use makeup fridges love them.

Depuffing effect and crow’s feet removal

Green Jade roller
When using cold skin care products on your skin, the cold application allows your body to wake up. Your skin firms up giving you a youthful glow and allowing your face to depuff especially in the morning. Keeping your eye patches and face masks in your cosmetics fridge is a great way to keep them chilled ready for application. The cool feeling is amazing on your skin and the glow is well worth the cooling efforts. Many people also keep their jade rollers in their skincare fridge to take advantage of the cooling and depuffing effects it provides. Cold jade rollers and eye patches are extremely effective at removing crow’s feet from around your eyes.

What can I store in my Skincare fridge?

Uber Chill XL makeup Fridge
Now that we cleared up the air on why a beauty fridge is a must have for any makeup lover, lets see what you can actually store in a beauty fridge. Here is a short list of some of the items you can store in your skin care fridge:
- Natural organic body scrubs
- Skincare cremes
- Under eye cremes
- Foundation
- Lipstick
- Serums
- Setting Spray
- Mascara
- Perfume
- Nail Polish
- Acne Treatment
- Aloe Vera Gels
- Gels in general
- Rosewater
- Sunscreen
- Face Masks and eye patches
- Vitamin C infused products
- Jade rollers and pink crystal rollers
Some people might be surprised that we added nail polish to our list. Believe it or not, keeping nail polish in a makeup fridge will allow it to firm up and provide a streak free application. This is especially true with gel nail polish. Perfume was another one you might scoff at, but perfume is alcohol based and alcohol likes to evaporate in room temperature. keeping your perfume in a fridge will prevent it from evaporating.
beauty Fridge Uber appliance 4 Liter Mini Fridge
Not all makeup or cosmetic products can be stored in a beauty fridge. Avoid storing clay masks, facial oils or pore strips in your mini fridge. For best results, read the ingredient list to see what can or cannot be stored in your skincare fridge. Feel free to also ask in the comments below we’d be happy to help guide you along.

Can I store my beauty products in my kitchen fridge?

You might be asking yourself, why buy a beauty fridge when I can just use my kitchen fridge. We dont recommend storing your beauty products in your kitchen fridge because of food cross contamination. Food particles can easily get in your skin care products and ruining them. The opposite is not only true but can be deadly. Beauty products and skin care products are not designed for human consumption. If your beauty products cross contaminate your food it can be disasterous. You do not want your family to get sick because of cross contamination between food and skin care products in your kitchen fridge. Toddlers love colorful items and they try to taste everything. Your toddler accidentally eating your beauty products could be fatal. We do not recommend you store beauty products in a kitchen fridge for those reasons, its reckless and unsafe.

What are some features to look when looking for the best skincare fridge?


Size or capacity

skin care fridge size
You need to look at which products you plan on storing in your makeup fridge. Depending on the size of the containers, taking into account how tall they are, will help you decide which size fridge works best for you. Also keep in mind how much counter space you have in the area you plan on keeping your makeup fridge. Once you have determined both of those, you can start looking at what is out there. Generally speaking most beauty fridges are between 4 Liter and 9 Liter internal capacity. Be on the lookout for a removable shelf or even sometimes a small door shelf. The removable shelf allows you to store taller items. While the door shelf is perfect for jade rollers, pink crystal rollers, facial masks and eye patches.

Temperature range and Noise level

You want to make sure the skincare fridge you are looking at cools down to at least 35F, the colder the better in this application. Another thing to look at is noise levels, especially if you will be keeping this in your bedroom. You don’t want a loud mini fridge that will keep you up at night. We all need our beauty rest and you cant get that with loud hum from your beauty fridge disturbing your sleep. This is why we recommend you go for a thermoelectric beauty fridge over a standard 1.1 Cubic feet full size mini fridge. The full size mini fridges use a compressor that is very loud in comparison.

Portability and “cute” factor

skin care fridge with cute stickers
You may not think you need a beauty fridge to be portable, but think about long road trips and vacations. Taking your makeup fridge on the go is not essential but it’s a really nice to have. Some of the better makeup fridges on the market are car friendly and come with an included 12v DC car plug so that you can take it with you in the car.
We added “Cute” factor, because who doesn’t want something pretty that matches the vibe of their room where they are keeping it. We recommend you get something with some style, something that you can make your own with cool stickers and the like.

Where can I find the best Skin care mini fridge?

Best Skincare Fridge Uber Chill 4 Liter Mini Fridge
At Uber Appliance we carry a variety of skin care mini fridges that hit all the check marks for best skincare mini fridge as noted above. We have various sizes, 4 Liter and 9 Liter. Both of which are compact in size not taking up much space on your counter but roomy inside with a removable shelf for maximizing interior storage. Our fridges are thermoelectric so they are whisper quiet. They get super cold down to 32F or when in the heat setting up to 130F to heat up towels for that amazing spa day you have been planning all week.
Our fridges come in various styles from retro chick to modern slick with a glass front (and included glass markers to write yourself cute notes). Our retro models come in amazing vintage colors such as Ubertone Red, Ivory White, Navy Blue, Gunmetal silver and matte black. Our Uber Chill XL 9 Liter beauty fridge also features a cool see through oval window so you can see the inside of your fridge without opening it up, how cool. The beautiful design of these makeup fridges will get you so many compliments from your friends and family.
Finally, our fridges are super light at 5lbs or less, with a built in handle for ease of portability. We also include both the 110v AC wall plug and the 12v DC car plug so that you can use it at home and on the go when traveling.
As always, all the Uber Appliance products ship fast and free and come with a 1 year warranty. Our products are supported by our awesome real person customer support rep Jennifer. Your information and credit card data is always encrypted and safe. We do not share our customer information. We accept all major credit cards, paypal, amazon pay, google pay, apple pay, shop pay and even buy now pay later payment processors like sezzle.

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