First off I want to promise you that this is not a scammy lose weight quick yoyo diet, the 7-day juicing diet really works and it works fantastically.  What most people don’t know is that it is super easy to drop a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks of starting a diet and the juicing diet is the perfect secret tool to squeeze out those first couple of pounds and get you started on a long term healthy weight loss journey.  Unlike all the quick weight loss diets out there Juicing is probably the safest and healthiest way to kick start your weight loss journey.  There are just so many benefits to going with a juicing diet as opposed to a low carb or crazy yoyo diet. So, without further ado, lets jump into why and how the 7-day juicing diet works and how it will help you drop 7lbs in 7 days. 

Why the diet works

I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat waiting to learn why and how the 7-day juicing diet will help you drop 7 lbs. in 7 days. The juicing diet uses a couple of very powerful weight loss industry secrets to accelerate weight loss when first starting out.  When you combine the below powerful secrets, that weight loss trainers don’t want you to know about, you allow your body to get efficient at burning pounds of excess fat, get rid of excess waste and flush out excess body water bloat. 

  • Detoxing the body of excess waste

The juicing diet relies on keeping you full by drinking your vitamins and nutrients throughout the day which in turn flushes out excess toxins that are stored in your lower intestines. When you spend months and years relying on solid food for nutrition you starve your body from the necessary fluids to flush out excess toxins and waste in your intestines.  Your body ends up holding on to rotten waste and has no chance of disposing it.  The buildup of waste makes one feel bloated and sluggish.  Keeping your body hydrated with juice gives your digestion system a bit of a break and helps break up the buildup of excess waste.  The juice flushes out the excess waste in your body and helps you feel less bloated and have more energy throughout the day.

  • Flushing the body with water

Most people may not know this but the average person’s body is composed of 80% water.  Water is the most important fluid for your body, it keeps your cells fresh and hydrated, it also flushes out dead cells and toxins from cells.  The human body is very protective of water because it is necessary for its survival.  When you eat sodium loaded solid foods that are very low in water content it puts your body in water retention freak-out mode which causes you to hold on to excess water that you don’t need and it in turn makes you feel and look bloated.  When you start juicing you are constantly consuming liquids which lets your body let go of the excess water it’s been holding on to.  When you flush your body with fresh liquids it allows your body to flush the water it is retaining allowing you to drop water weight and lets your body tighten up.

  • Negative calorie food

Negative calorie food is one of the weight loss industries best kept secrets.  Most people don’t realize this but consuming fruits and vegetables even in juice form takes a long time for your body to digest.  The skin of fruits and vegetables takes more calories to digest than what is in them which in turn allows you to lose weight by simply consuming fruits and vegetables.    

  • Feeling full throughout the day

The best part of juicing is feeling full throughout the day while restricting calories.  If you substitute a fresh juice for a candy bar or a bag of chips it not only keeps you full longer but it has way less calories and has a way healthier nutritional content.  When you are drinking juice throughout the day the volume of the juice compared to the calorie content keeps you full on low calories which helps you cut calories without starving.


Advantages of a juicing diet

There are incredible advantages to a juicing diet here are a couple we thought of        

  • Nutrient and vitamin rich juice

Fresh organic homemade juice is rich in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.  These nutrients and vitamins help keep your body cells fresh and young which will, besides the weight loss aspect, keep you looking young and healthy.  Most people struggle to take in the recommended amounts of nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, especially when you are eating garbage fast food, sweets and sodium laden fried foods.  Fruits and vegetables are the natural food intended for your body, so start feeding your body what it needs.      

  • Keeping the body hydrated

As mentioned above the bulk of fruits and vegetables is water so consuming juice keeps your body hydrated.  Everyone should be consuming 1 gallon of water per day, but water is boring and tasteless, you can take in water through juice or other water based foods such as soup or shakes. Hydration is key to looking young so juice on! 

  • Getting in the recommended number of fruits and vegetables

I would say 9 out 10 people do not get their FDA recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  Juicing makes it super simple to take in 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day, one 12 oz glass of juice could be as much as 7 servings of fruits and vegetables, so all you need is 1 glass of juice per day to hit your goal easy peasy lemon squeezy.


The Uber Juice diet

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the actual 7lbs in 7 days juicing diet.  The goal is to supplement your daily consumption of light food with juice throughout the day to keep yourself full while taking in a lower number of calories.

Going on the juicing diet doesn’t mean completely abandoning solid foods, that would be the yoyo diet approach.  The goal is to eat light simple meals and supplement with juice to stay full all day

  • Breakfast

You would eat a yogurt, granola bar, oat meal, eggs or cereal.  Make a small light meal under 200 calories for breakfast 

  • Mid-morning snack

This would be your first juice of the day, something to hold you over until lunch.

  • Lunch

Again, another light meal, could be a protein shake, a protein bar, a piece of fruit, a salad, a tuna sandwich, soup or hard boiled eggs. You would be shooting for a second 200 calorie meal.

  • Mid afternoon snack

This would be your second juice of the day, again a hold over until dinner.

  • Dinner

This would be the largest meal of the day. A good dinner meal would be a serving of brown rice with steamed vegetables and a source of protein such as chicken, salmon, tilapia or you could substitute this meal with a few pieces of sushi. This meal should be between 400-500 calories.

  • Post dinner juice (optional)

Depending on how hungry you are before going to bed you could add a third juice prior to bed time to keep you full throughout the night.  You should be shooting to eliminate this third juice on the third or fourth day of the diet.

Click here for juice recipes you can make throughout the week using a fast juicer such as the Uber Appliance Uber Juicer


Increased activity

The juicing diet shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing to drop the weight; you should also work on increasing your daily activity to burn calories throughout the day.  If you have an iPhone or galaxy phone, make use of the step counter to see your average daily steps and work on beating that average every day.  I personally shoot for at least 10k steps per day.  Adding the physical aspect is like bonus points for weight loss, its calories that would have otherwise kept you from reaching your goal that you eliminated all while staying full on juice.

Final Thoughts:

If you follow the diet your daily intake will be less than 1700 calories per day, you will not be starving because the juice will keep you full.  Juicing will keep your body hydrated which will flush excess water weight.  Having a fluid based diet will give your digestive system a break and combined with the hydration will flush stored waste in your intestines.  The increased digestion of negative calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables will force your body into burning more calories than you are consuming from juice thus increasing your metabolic rate.  Increasing your daily physical activity while on a calorie deficit will increase the gap between the number of calories your body needs to function and the total calories you are taking in which will force your body to start burning fat for survival.  Overall Juicing is the healthiest and most efficient way of starting a weight loss program.

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