Fathers Day Gift Guide: 5 Unique Gifts Dad Will Love

Fathers Day Gift Guide: 5 Unique Gifts Dad Will Love

Dad's the unsung Hero's of every family, He was there for us the first time we got on a bike to make sure we learned how to ride with out hurting ourselves, he was there on our first day of school when we were scared to get on the bus reassuring us that everything will be ok. Dad was there for us and supporting us through many of life's tough moments and hard decisions, always lending a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. We finally get a chance to say thank you to Dad for his support throughout the year on his special day!

At Uber Appliance we want to say thank you to every Dad out there and we decided to put a short list of some super awesome gift ideas that are unique and personal that every dad out there will love. Whether dad loves camping, road tripping, is a gear head, a Grill master, a cooking connoisseur or just likes to chill with an ice cold beer in his hand after a long day's work, we have something for every dad out there.


1- Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge is perfect for any Dad, with its retro modern styling and unique color pallet. it comes in several cool colors such as Ubertone Red, Ivory white, Navy blue, Gun Metal Silver or Matte Black. It Features a cool chrome accented recessed door handle with an oval see through door window for a classical cool retro look. The 9 Liter 12 can capacity means that although compact in size it has plenty of room to store cold brewskis and snacks whether in the car, Truck, or RV on the go with its 12v car plug for road trips or camping, or at home in the home bar, garage, by the barbecue grill or man cave with its 12v AC standard wall plug. The compact size makes it perfect at work on his desk, a constant reminder of his families love for him. This is definitely a unique gift that dad will love, but don't just take our word for it, check out Good Morning America's very own Bruce Packman's Muscleman of Technology as he reviews the Uber Chill XL and Classic Fridge.

2- Uber Chill Classic Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill XL's little brother the Uber Chill Classic Mini Fridge has many of the same feature's but in a smaller package. You know what they say! Good things come in small packages and the Uber Chill Classic is no exception. Its perfectly portable with its built in sleek handle and at less than 5lbs its super light and perfect on the go with its 12v car plug. Its squared off design makes it perfect in the car on road trips to be set between the back seat in place of the arm rest. It is also great for the gamer dad, by his desktop filled with his favorite beverages.

3- Uber Beer Savers and Uber Wine Chiller Stick

If dad is a beer lover or a wine lover a great addition to the Uber Chill mini Fridges is a set of Uber Beer Saver's, there is no sense in wasting a good half finished beer just pop on a beer saver and save it for later on. The Uber wine chiller stick is actually a pretty smart idea, no one likes warm wine but no one wants to wait an hour for their warm wine to cool to enjoy an ice cold glass of wine either. Alas, the Wine Chiller is here to save the day, keep it in the freezer and when ready to use it just pop it in a warm bottle of wine and it chills it within minutes, with its aerator spout you can pour the perfect glass of wine every time!

4- Uber Air Fryer 3.7QT

For the Chef Dad or the grill master dad, having an air fryer is a must have. The Uber Air Fryer is so versatile, Dad can cook up restaurant quality dishes in no time, and its healthy as it fries with no added oil or grease. Its great for the Grill master dad, pop in some fries or onion rings while tending to the grill and have some super crispy, fresh, no grease fries or onion rings along with delicious grilled meats. With its compact yet roomy 3.7qt basket size and 1000W power capacity it is very portable and works great with most inverters for use on camping trips or in an RV.

5- Uber Sorbet Maker

Health conscious Dad's will love this gift, the Uber Sorbet Maker is the ultimate home healthy dessert maker, just pop in thawed frozen fruits and voilà delicious creamy healthy fruit sorbets at the touch of a button. With so many recipes and a scorching hot summer ahead of us dad will be the hit of the July 4th party this year. Go ahead get him what he will love this year and let him be the life of the party with delicious pop sorbet's for everyone!

Dad will love that all of the Uber Appliance products come with a 1 year limited warranty and available optional extended 2 year warranty, as well as free expedited shipping and email tracking updates, Our awesome Customer Service Rep Jennifer is here to answer any questions you might have just reach out to her at contact@knginternational.com

Uber Appliance also offers peace of mind with an SSL safe check out as well as a variety of payment processors such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, ShopPay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Even Sezzle. With Sezzle you can make 4 easy interest free payments, making it easier on the budget.

Regardless what you get for Dad today, make sure to take the time to celebrate them. Sometimes its the time you spend and showing your appreciation with them that means the most to Dad's. We hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Father's Day this year.


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