Can you use a glass bowl in an air fryer?

Can you use a glass bowl in an air fryer?

People often ask us can one use a glass bowl in an air fryer? what would happen to it would it survive or explode? Well for you and your family's safety we don't want you to experiment and find out in a catastrophic fashion so we are here to give you our best answer with a little bit of research that we have done.

Using glassware to cook is great, its easy to clean and doesn't contaminate your delicious creations with any nasty plastic smell and taste. We understand the allure of using glass ware in an air fryer but not all glass ware is created equally.

Are Glass Bowl's Safe in an Air Fryer?

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An air fryer is like a mini oven and should be treated as such when deciding what to put and not put inside of it. Most glass ware does not like extreme temperature so most likely if you try to cook any thing in a glass bowl in an air fryer the bowl will probably shatter and ruin your food. 

The reason most glass dishes are not safe in the air fryer is the material expands and due to its brittle nature, when it expands it begins to fracture. Pyrex is a proprietary blend of soda lime glass that is capable of withstanding the elevated temperatures without shattering. Pyrex was developed in the early 1900's by corning inc. Pyrex glassware is capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit so a pyrex dish will be safe in air fryers since most top out at 400 degrees. 

How do I know if my glass cookware is air fryer safe?

Before placing a glass cookware item in your air fryer look at the bottom of it to see if it has the oven safe symbol on it.  It should look something like the logo below.

Oven Safe Glass cookware symbol

If you glassware is not Pyrex or it does not have the oven safe symbol then it is probably not safe to use in your air fryer.  Be careful to check your glass ware before inserting it in your air fryer to avoid any cracked glass or potential injury.

What type of cookware can I use in an air Fryer?

1 - Pyrex Glass Cookware

Air Fryer Safe Pyrex Container

As noted above the only air fryer safe glass cookware we can recommend is any oven safe Pyrex glass cookware.  The oven safe Pyrex glass cookware is made to withstand high heat environments, like one in an oven and would be safe to use in an air fryer where temperatures can reach as high as 400 - 450 F. You will have to find a smaller pyrex container that will fit in your air fryer depending on the size of the basket or the capacity of your air fryer.

2- Silicone Cookware

Air Fryer Silicone Cookware

A safe alternative to glass would be oven safe silicone cookware and bakeware or metal pans. The silicone cookware is smell free, non stick and very easy to clean, rinse in the sink and toss in the dishwasher. Silicone Bakeware can with stand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit like Pyrex but at a much lower cost. Usually Pyrex Glass ware is expensive, Silicone is easy to manufacture and many competitors in the market are able to sell it at a much lower price.

3- Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans

Another low cost, easy clean up alternative is disposable aluminum foil baking pans. The nice thing about aluminum is you don't have to worry about it shattering or exploding in an air fryer. Easy to clean because you just throw it away or recycle it once you are done with it. For the savvy moms out there you might be able to wash it to get one or two more uses out of it. The best thing about disposable aluminum foil baking pans is that they are great for pot luck's and family out door dinners and they look amazingly fancy in Uber Party Pans. The Uber Party Pans are retro chic, portable, easy to clean and make your dinner party cool and super cute, your friends and family will love the upscale look.

4 - Steel and Stainless Steel Pans

Air Fryer Stainless steel pan

A true and tried steel or stainless steel pan in the right size will work great in an air fryer as well. There are plenty of air fryer sized steel and stainless steel pans that come in at 8in in diameter or smaller.  These are perfect for making small cakes, a small batch of cookies, brownies, or cup cakes.  You can even use them to make a single meal of tilapia fish, salmon with some veggies on the side, just place them in the pan and pop it in the air fryer.

5 - Corning cookware

Air Fryer Safe Corning ware

Another fantastic option is corning cookware that is oven safe. You can use those types of dishes in the air fryer as well.  This is great for making eggs, hash brown casserole, and other casserole type dishes if you dont need a full size casserole, just want a little bit for you and your family. You can even make a single serve lasagna with corning cookware

We hope you enjoyed this awesome post, if you think we could improve on it, or if you have better air fryer safe cookware ideas all together or any comments or questions feel free to leave us a message below in the comments and we will do our best to answer each and every comment.


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