Best 5 Office Decor ideas that will inspire you to create your best work! Uber Appliance

Best Office Decor - 5 ideas that will inspire you to create your best work!

Many of us spend as many waking hours at our office as we do at home with our family, so why not spruce up your office and make it reflect who you are as a person? Whether you have a home office or you work in a mega corporation your cubicle or desk is your 2nd home, make it inviting, make it fun and make it speak about you as a person. We love our offices at Uber Appliance and we wanted to share 5 of our best office decor ideas that will inspire you (as well as others around you) to create your best work and have fun while doing it!

1- Cool Works of art

office decor ideas


We are big fans of Banksy's work at Uber Appliance, having a nice canvas reproduction of cool art work is a great way to inspire you to create your best work. We are also fans of weird yet fun works of art that motivate, check out pop canvas for cool canvas art work that is perfect for any office, they have a wide selection of pop culture influenced canvas art.

2- Bonzai trees and/or succulents

Office Decor ideas Succulent


A small plant helps us de-stress when we get too many requests from co-workers, the greenery is scientifically proven to reduce stress. A cool Bonzai tree or low maintenance succulent is perfect for the office it is the right size plant and requires low maintenance just water once per day and it should be good. Not only are plants are a good de-stressor they also make your office a bit more homey.

3- Office Personal Mini Fridge

Office Decor Personal Mini Fridge

An office personal Mini Fridge is great to keep lunch and snacks nice and cool and also allow you to avoid the nasty community fridge.  If you have office lunch thieves this is a good way to avoid going hungry for the day. The office Personal Mini Fridge can also serve as a nice addition to your coffee machine, you can store your creamer and any coffee essentials in the coffee station mini fridge at your desk. For those working sales jobs, a small mini fridge is perfect to keep beverages cold in case you have any thirsty potential customers, they will appreciate your hospitality and it will help build rapport with potential clients.

4- Keurig Coffee Maker

Office Decor Keurig Coffee Maker


Its hard to start your work day without the perfect cup of coffee, we can't imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee.  Coffee helps get us focused and ready to take on the day. The saying is true, America Runs on Coffee. Start your day off right with the prefect cup of coffee right at your desk with a Keurig Coffee Maker, you have a wide variety of single serve coffee pods to suite all tastes.  This is a great accessory to those in sales jobs, a cup of coffee a great item to offer potential customers as your hashing out a deal.

5- Family Photos

Office Decor Family Photos


Having a family photo on your desk helps you remember why we do this in the first place, family always comes first at Uber Appliance. We work to live not the other way around. We always remember that we are making the sacrifice of time and effort to support and take care of our favorite people. Having a nice Family photo on your desk allows you to share a part of your life with those around you be it potential clients or co-workers or your superiors, it adds humanity to an otherwise cold and cut throat environment.

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