Best Desktop Mini Fridge's for those that Work From Home

Best Desktop Mini Fridge's for those that Work From Home

I don't know about you but even as we work from home we kinda miss the normalcy of an office setting. Having a dedicated work from home setup is a must have, its a great way to get into working mode at your home office setup and being able to step away and still enjoy your normal home life. Setting up a good work from home area includes a compact yet comfy desk, setting up your laptop, having a few office essentials like family photos, a small stationary and finally for us a desktop mini fridge to keep our lunches and drinks cool and at arms reach!

Why should you own a Desktop Mini Fridge for your Work From Home Setup?

Like most people who work from home being available and easily reached during the work day is essential, stepping away frequently is hard to do at times between zoom meetings, blasting out emails and making presentations. Having your snacks and beverages at arms reach makes it easy to take quick snack breaks while still being online and reachable. A Desktop Mini Fridge like the Uber Chill and Uber Chill XL is a must have, you can keep your packed lunches, a yogurt and a few drinks nice cold and ready to go.

What are some things that we keep in our work from home mini fridge?

Adult lunchables, yes we said it adult lunchables by Oscar Mayer, I think they are marketed as Naturals they have little cold cuts, small squares of cheddar cheese and a few whole grain crackers and they are to die for, we love them a lot. We also keep little sandwiches, Hot Pockets, yogurt (or gogurt if you have kids lol), small salads, pop (or soda for the heathens in the south haha) as well as those delicious ready to drink Starbucks mochas. Really the possibilities are limitless.

Not only do we keep things cold, we like to keep little cups of soup or home made chili and set the Uber Chill Fridge to heat mode to keep it warm, we warm up the Starbucks mochas too and they are amazing when heated up.

Here are our pick's for the top Desktop Mini Fridges available for sale online today!

1- Uber Chill Classic Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill Classic Mini Fridge is a hit with the work from home crowd, its compact, super silent and fits great on any desk. It also looks great with its retro design coming in all these different colors, Matte Black, Gun Metal Silver, Ubertone Red, Ivory White and Navy Blue. The Uber Chill comes with two plugs one for use at home and one for the car using a 12v plug.

2- Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge

The Uber Chill XL Mini Fridge is also a great option, it comes at a larger capacity, 9 Liters or up to 12 standard cans (12oz). The main attraction is the large see through window in the center of the door allowing you to see all the contents within. An included shelf allows you to maximize the space inside.

3- Uber Chill 2.0 Mini Fridge

We took the already amazing Uber Chill Classic and made it even better, yea we know we didnt think it was possible either. The Uber Chill XL comes with a sleek and popular glass front fridge, adding a touch of class, and making it great for taking little notes to self with the included glass markers. The Uber Chill 2.0 also did away with the cute retro chrome door handle and replaced it with a sleek magnetic door. The door includes a shelf to hold small items like candy bars for that 3pm pick me up. Coming in two cool colors, matte black and Ivory white, another great option for work from home workers.

Why Choose an Uber Appliance Mini Fridge?

You will love that all of the Uber Appliance products come with a 1 year limited warranty and available optional extended 2 year warranty, as well as free expedited shipping and email tracking updates, Our awesome Customer Service Rep Jennifer is here to answer any questions you might have just reach out to her at

Uber Appliance also offers peace of mind with an SSL safe check out as well as a variety of payment processors such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal, ShopPay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Even Sezzle. With Sezzle you can make 4 easy interest free payments, making it easier on the budget.

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