Becoming a new parent is an exciting moment in a couple's life! Whether its the couple's first child or not, it is still a very special time filled with excitement, fear and hope for a happy healthy baby that's joining the family! We put together a short list of baby shower gifts that are cool and really functional for new parents. We know that any couple that will receive these gifts at a baby shower will love it and will make their lives easier as parents check out our list:

1- Chic or Rugged Diaper Bags

Chic Baby Diaper bag

Every parent, especially millennial parents want and use chic or cool looking diaper bags. The diaper bag is essential for any new parent, its a way to hold on to all their baby essentials, such as diapers, baby wipes, formula, breast milk pumps/bottles, pacifiers, bibs, clothing, shoes and much more. Besides being super functional, a chic trendy bag will make the parents love it that much more. For the super dads a tactical diaper bag screams ruggedness but also hits the soft spot of being a dad.

2- Baby Bottles

Personalized Baby Bottles

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Whether the new mom is a formula mom or a pumping mom, you can never have enough baby bottles. We recommend BPA free plastic bottles, babies will drop the bottles so a glass baby bottle is not the best choice as it can break easily and cause a mess. There are plenty of personalized baby bottle choices on etsy, they are relatively low cost and when personalized mean much more to the new mom than a generic bottle.

3- Baby Formula or Breast Milk Storage Mini Fridge

Breast Milk Storage Mini Fridge

A Baby Formula or Breast Milk Storage Mini Fridge is a great gift, perfect for the nursery, in the bedroom, on the go in the car for long road trips or even at work for working moms that pump. The Uber Appliance Breast Milk Storage Mini Fridge is the best choice in our opinion, it comes in both 4 Liter and 9 Liter sizes, it has a cooling and warming setting so you can either cool or warm up bottles as necessary. The Uber Chill Mini Fridge also comes with both a regular AC plug for the home and a DC 12v cigarette lighter plug for use in the car and on long road trips.

4- Cute Personalized Baby Bibs'

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Baby's are messy, and a mom can always use a clean bib. There are bibs that come with pacifiers attached to them which are really neat! We recommend checking out etsy for personalized bibs with animals or cute graphics, nothing lights a mom's heart up like looking at her baby with a smile and a cute bib on!

5- Milestone cards

Baby Milestone Cards

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Everyone loves baby pictures, moms especially like progress pictures of their baby as they grow right in front of their eyes. Help a mom to create those precious moments with little cards that can be placed next to the baby each month for a fun and cute photo session. Help the mom in your life create lasting memories with cute milestone cards.

Don't let this be your gift, okay?

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Thoughts and Comments?

What's the best baby shower gift that you have received? what's the best baby shower gift that you have given someone or someone you know has recieved? Did you find this article helpful? do you have better ideas? Let us know in the comments we love to hear from you!


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