Best Air Fryer Accessories - Take your Air Fryer Game to the Next Level

Best Air Fryer Accessories - Take your Air Fryer Game to the Next Level

Air Fryer's are amazing with a million delicious recipe's out there, there are endless uses for them in the kitchen. We use our air fryer on a daily basis whipping up amazing, quick and easy meals that are healthy and nutritious. There are about as many air fryer accessories as there are recipes, so which one's are worth it and which ones are just gimmicks? We take a look at a bunch of air fryer accessories today and help you decide which ones are worth buying and which ones you can pass on. 

From bakeware, to cooking utensils that promise to keep your air fryer basket non stick coating scratch free, to various stainless steel racks and even taco holders, all these air fryer accessories sound appealing. The companies selling them do a great job with the marketing making us want to buy them all, but at the end of the day we are not Oprah Winfrey and can't afford reckless purchasing like that haha.

Air Fryer Accessories that we loved

1- Air Fryer Stackable Stainless Steel Racks

This one is on the top of our list, stackable stainless steel racks are a must have for any air fryer owner. Most Air Fryer's have plenty of capacity but what if you are trying to cook up multiple items? like Burgers, Chicken Tenders and fries? how about Ribs and Onion Rings? or Both Mozzarella Sticks and Potato Skins? By the time you cook one item and wait for the second item to cook then some of the items you cooked earlier might be cold by now.

Having stackable Air Fryer Stainless steel racks solves that problem, the racks fit in your air fryer basket and stack up nicely that way you can put food on each level and cook everything at once saving you time. With some racks stacking up as high as 4 levels high the possibilities are endless, heck you might be able to whip up dinner and desert all in one go.

PRO TIP: Stackable Stainless Steel racks are great for dehydrating food in your air fryer.

2- Air Fryer Donut Silicone Molds

Who doesn't love Cake Donuts? We sure do and some of the best cake donuts we have made were made in our air fryer with awesome donut silicone molds. They are great because all we have to do is make the donut mix and pour it into the mold, the non stick silicone makes it easy for them to pop out in perfect shape and there is no mess to clean up afterwards. We like to top our donuts with a thin layer of olive oil and dip them in powdered sugar or we make a chocolate frosting and just dip the donuts in them, Yummy!

3- Kabob Racks and metal skewers

Kabob Racks with the included metal skewers are great for making home made kabobs when you are only cooking for one or two people and don't want to fire up the grill. The stainless steel skewers are great because they are re-usable so you don't have to harm the environment with wasted wood skewers and they are super easy to clean just wipe down and put them in the dishwasher with the spoons and forks. The best thing about the kabob rack is that you can use the skewers and rack for dehydrating banana chips, carrot chips or even make home made beef Jerky.

4- Uber Party Pans

Don't you hate the look of aluminum foil pans at a pot luck or family gathering? We do and thats why we came up with the super awesome Portable Casserole Uber Party Pans, a simple solution to carry your aluminum foil pans with out fear of the pan falling apart if you hold it in correctly, the Uber Pans have a cute retro look and will be the envy of your friends and family at your next gathering. The Aluminum pans fit right in the Uber Party Pans and with its removable cover you can serve right out of the Uber Party Pan. It is easy to clean and makes your gathering look like a nice family dinner rather than an informal work pot luck.

5- Personal Pizza Pan

We like the Personal Pizza Pan, I know it sounds kind of silly but its actually really nice and useful. We usually over estimate the size of our air fryer basket when prepping a personal pizza and end up with one thats too large to air fry. A personal pizza pan is the perfect size, we prep our pizza in it knowing that it will fit perfect overtime. Plus with the boundaries of the edge of the pan we can make the crust just right and perfectly circular every time (our OCD likes this). Plus last but not least, pizza's cook way faster in an air fryer than in a traditional oven so this works out great.

6- Air Fryer Grill Pan

The Air Fryer Grill pan leaves the perfect serration marks on a air fried steak, this just gives an air fried steak that extra oomph and makes it look like it has been grilled up on a traditional grill. A steak just doesn't look the same without the grill marks and we love it for that. Most air fryer accessory combo's don't come with a grill pan but it is a recommended purchase even as a stand alone item.

7- Air Fryer Baking Pan with Handle

Many people don't know they can actually make little mini cakes in air fryers, the reason most people don't know this is that there aren't many cake pans that fit in an air fryer. With the Air Fryer Baking pan with a handle, put your cake mix in it and bake away. The pan maximizes the space in an air fryer basket and with the handy dandy handle it is easy to remove the whole pan out of the air fryer basket. We found alternative uses for this baking pan, especially making saucy air fryer chicken wings, the nice thing is that you can keep everything in the pan and cleaning it is easy after done cooking. The bonus is that you don't have to worry about ruining your air fryer basket non-stick coating, if the baking pan gets scratched up, just replace it.

Air Fryer Accessories that we didn't like

Like we mentioned early on in the article, there were some air fryer accessories that we didn't think were worth your time or money, there weren't very many but here's a couple we tried and didn't like

1- Taco Holders

Come on now, who air fry's a whole taco? Im sure there might be a few people out there but we don't, we prep the ground beef or chicken separately then make a little taco bar so that everyone can make the taco to their liking with fresh lettuce, chopped up tomatoes and onions, salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream or guacamole but definitely not a whole taco in the air fryer lol.

2- Dish holding Clip

To be honest we are not sure what the purpose of these dish holding clips are. They are oddly shaped and don't look ergonomically friendly, quite frankly we are not even sure how you would use it. We prefer to use just a standard pair of silicone tip tongs to prevent any scratches to the base of our air fryer basket.

3- Toast Holder

Another idea that sounds good on paper, but lets be real why not just use a toaster to make toast? this is kind of useless in our opinion, plus the toast takes longer in an air fryer compared to a standard toaster, no one wants to wait that long when they are ready to eat breakfast.

We hope you liked this article and found it useful, if you know of other air fryer accessories not mentioned here that you have used and liked feel free to share in the comments, we like to hear from our readers, fans and customers and we will do our best to update the article based on your suggestions and respond to all your questions in the comments below.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE BEST AIR FRYER to use these accessories with?

Uber Appliance offers one of the best air fryers on the market today, our Uber Air Fryer XL is perfect for any family with its roomy 5 quart basket you can air fry a whole chicken. The dishwasher safe basket and grease separator with non stick coating make cleaning a breeze just wipe it down with a damp soapy microfiber towel and toss it in the dish washer.

The Uber Air Fryer XL features an easy to use touch display for temperature and time setting with temperatures ranging from 150F to 400F, the digital display also has several pre-set cooking temperature and time to perfectly cook chicken, steak, fries, wings and so much more with a single press of a button. Every Uber Air Fryer XL with a free recipe book so that you can explore tasty meals as soon as you get it with plenty more recipe’s on our site.

The Uber Air Fryer XL’s plastic is pre-vented from the factory which eliminates any plastic smell or taste in your foods from the first use. This is one of the biggest complaint from air fryer users and at Uber Appliance we listen to our customer’s feedback and strive to provide the best experience from the first use!

Last but not least buy from Uber Appliance with confidence, we guarantee the quality of our air fryers with our “love it or leave it” 30 day free returns and free exchanges warranty. Our Uber Air Fryer comes standard with a 1 year warranty against any manufacturers defects and we offer extended warranties for up to 2 years. We have been in business for the last 5 years and we have a reputation to protect which is why we place our customers first, our friendly Customer Service Rep Jennifer is available via email 24/7 to answer any questions you might have!

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