TCJ's Uber Chill Gun Metal Matte Silver Retro Mini Fridge Review

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TCJ's Uber Chill Gun Metal Matte Silver Retro Mini Fridge Review

Check out Terry CandidaJourney's Uber Appliance Uber Chill Gun Metal Matte Sliver Retro Mini Fridge Review

Terry showcases the Uber Appliance Uber Chill Retro Mini Fridge in her review video above.  Terry is always on the go and she tells us how the Uber Chill really helps her keep her medication cold while traveling.  She notes that not all the hotels she visits have a mini fridge in the room and having a portable compact sized refrigerator such as the Uber Chill mini fridge allows her to travel with her medication that requires to be refrigerated.  The beauty of the Uber Appliance mini fridge is that it comes with both a regular wall plug and a 12v car cigarette lighter power plug so that you can plug the mini fridge in your car to keep medication cold on long road trips.

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